Strategies to Keep Anxiety at Bay While Studying

studyingAs much as many of you miss your school and college days, there is no denying the fact that this was also one of the toughest phases of your life. A student’s life is indeed difficult. Though it is still a learning phase and you encounter several new things each day, you are expected to handle them all systematically. The inability to juggle between your studies and other activities leads to a lot of stress and anxiety among the students. Here are a few strategies to keep anxiety at bay while studying:

  • Follow a Systematic Approach

Anxiety usually occurs when students are clueless about what to do next and how to cover their syllabus on time while sparing time for other important activities. Preparing a study schedule will help you follow a systematic approach. You will know just how much to study each day and how much time to spare for other activities.

  • Be Competitive but Don’t Compare

There is a lot of competition these days. While you must be competitive enough to aim high and reach your goals however it is a wrong practice to constantly compare yourself with the fellow students. Remember, every person has his own pace of learning and set of strengths and weaknesses. You must compete with yourself to bring out the best in you rather than getting stressed looking at how others are doing.

  • Focus on the Process Not the Result

Channelize all your energies towards working hard and preparing for your exams rather than mulling over how you would perform in the exam. The key to keep stress and anxiety at bay is to stop thinking about the result and focus on the preparation.

  • Seek Guidance

No matter how hard you try there will be times when you might break owing to performance pressure. It is suggested to consult your teachers or parents and share your problems with them rather than dealing with them on your own.

  • Go for Group Studies

Studying on your own day in and day out can get quite monotonous and may lead to unnecessary stress. It is thus a good idea to go for group studies every once in a while. Not only would you be able to assess your knowledge and learn something new during your group study sessions but it will also break the monotony.

  • Eat Healthy and Take Adequate Sleep

Your eating habits largely affect your mood and emotions. Having oily, fried and sugary items can make you feel dull and lead to anxiety. You must make sure you follow a healthy diet plan. It is also essential for you to take adequate sleep in order to stay healthy and avoid stress.

  • Exercise Regularly and Meditate

You must squeeze in at least half an hour every day for exercise. Indulging in physical activities such as jogging, swimming, cycling and yoga promotes the growth of endorphins (also known as the happy hormones) that uplift your mood. Meditation is another way of finding peace within and keeping stress at bay.

  • Stay Positive

Lastly, steer clear from any negative thoughts as well as negative people. Believe in yourself, stay positive and keep moving!

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