Streams to choose after Class 10th

Class 10th board exams are the first major exams in a student’s life and the decision that follows is one of the main deciding factors about the career path you will tread on. There are mainly three streams to choose from after class 10th – Science, Commerce and Humanities. Let us have a close look at each of these:

Science: Under science you can choose between medical and non-medical. The main subjects you are required to study under this stream are physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.

This has always been the most sought-after stream as the career options it offers are highly dignified and lucrative. In order to take up this stream you need to have a very good score in your 10th standard. So you are required to work hard in order to get into this stream and harder once you take it up as it involves studying theoretical lessons as well as a lot of practical lab work.

Commerce: This stream is mainly associated with business and finance. The main subjects under this stream are business studies, economics, mathematics and accountancy. However, you also get the option of choosing commerce without mathematics. So those of you who are weak in maths can still take up this field. Those who wish to get into the business field or aim to seek well-paid jobs in banks and other financial institutions should go for this stream.

Humanities: This is a wide stream with numerous combinations of subjects to choose from. You can study subjects such as sociology, geography, history, political science, anthropology, psychology and journalism among others under humanities.

Those who choose this stream have a wide variety of career options to choose from. From being a journalist to a teacher to an IAS Officer – you can choose from the plenty of options available based on the subjects you select.

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