CBSE Topper Sukriti Gupta Shares Study Plan for JEE and Board Exam

CBSE TopperLast years’ CBSE topper, Sukriti Gupta is among one of those who was able to strike a balance between her Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) and board exams preparation and crack both with good grades. Read on to know how she planned her studies to be on the top:

As per Sukriti, she concentrated mainly on JEE until the middle of January 2016 and thereafter concentrated wholly and solely on the preparation of her board exams. “As far as concepts are concerned, there is no difference in board exams and JEE. It is only the pattern of question paper that is different for the two exams. Once the exams were over, I again switched to JEE preparation”, said the CBSE topper in an interview.

The first thing Sukriti did each time she returned from the examination hall was refer to the NCERT books to check her answers. As per her, CBSE follows a well-defined marking pattern. “If the questions are answered correctly and completely, you can be sure of getting full marks”, she said. “I was expecting to score well but never thought that I’ll top the exam. There is always an element of luck involved. I received a phone call from my school informing me about my scores and rank. Within few minutes, TV channels flashed my name and made me a star”, added the CBSE topper.

Sukriti shared that she always tried to clear her concepts before learning the lessons. She was regular with her studies and cleared her doubts with the teachers right away to be thorough with the concept. Talking about her approach for CBSE preparation, Sukriti shared, “Once I started preparing for Boards, I started practicing with CBSE papers of earlier years in simulated exam conditions, that is, attempting the papers in given time frame without any break or without referring to any book”.

The CBSE topper also shared that she made it a point to take relax amid her study schedule.  “I always took out time to relax by watching TV, hanging out with friends and cousins. Being regular in studies does not mean giving up on relaxation. However, I was always conscious of the fact that I had to complete the topics earmarked for the day”, she said.

Sukriti’s advice to all those appearing for the CBSE board exams and JEE – “I would advise the students appearing for the exams to focus on their studies rather being unduly worried about getting a good rank in JEE or college. Life is much bigger and offers many more opportunities than only JEE rank or Board marks. One should put in best and hope for the best and be prepared for the worse”.

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