Those who qualify in IIT JEE Main are given a chance to sit for JEE Advanced to seek admission in the top engineering colleges of the country. So if you have already cleared JEE Main, you sure have the will and determination to get through the next level as well. The only thing you require is right guidance. To begin with you should prepare an effective study plan. We are here to help you prepare one!

1) Know the Syllabus
It goes without saying that the syllabus is the first thing you should have in hand while preparing a study plan. Now, while each and every topic under the syllabus must be understood and learned thoroughly there are certain portions that must be given special attention. For instance in chemistry while you must be clear with all the concepts of physical, organic as well as inorganic chemistry, thermodynamics, analytical chemistry and reaction mechanisms must particularly be on your tips. In maths it is important for you to learn and understand all the formulas properly in order to solve the problems quickly. Calculus should especially be the point of your focus. In physics you must brush up all the concepts and make sure you devote a good amount of time on the mechanics.

2) Learn the Examination Pattern
Knowing the syllabus and being aware of the examination pattern are two separate things. Having knowledge about the examination pattern beforehand will help you solve the paper more efficiently and swiftly. JEE advanced includes two papers – Paper 1 and Paper 2. Both these papers consist of objective type questions on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. You will be required to choose the right answer from the four options provided against each question. One fourth of the total marks assigned to a question will be deducted if you answer it incorrectly. However, there is no negative marking for the questions left unanswered.

3) Focus on your Weakness
Since you have already cleared JEE Main, you must be thorough with the basics. However, at the same time you must also be aware about the topics that you are comparatively weaker in. Focus on these topics, clear all your doubts to understand the concepts properly and then move on to the other topics. Revise these from time to time.

4) Seek Expert Guidance
Learning from course books and solving the sample papers is a good way to prepare for JEE Advanced. The NCERT books along with guide books from different renowned authors can help you in the preparation however it is always better to enrol in a good coaching institute. This is because the books only contain theoretical knowledge while your trainer has experience along with knowledge which can benefit you immensely. If you do not have enough time to spare for a regular class, it is advised to go for online coaching. Online coaching centres such as Etoosindia offer you the ease of studying at a place and time convenient to you. Etoosindia has collaborated with top faculties from Kota to offer unmatched training experience to JEE aspirants. So make the most of it!
To conclude, I would say, just stay focused and trust your abilities!
All the Best!

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