Study Tips For Students Who Drop a Year For IIT JEE Preparation

IIT JEE Preparation

The Physics portion is known to be the toughest of the three when it comes to the Joint Entrance Examination. However, if you are thorough with the concepts and have a good understanding of the topics then you will be able to perform efficiently. Here is how to master this science subject:
Basic Concepts Should be Clear
You can only be thorough with a subject if your basic concepts about the same are clear and physics is no exception to it. In order to learn the subject efficiently you must thus start from the scratch. Revisit what you had learned in the initial years in school when you started with the subject so as to have a clear understanding of the basic concepts.
Formulas on Your Tips
Make a list of all the physics formulas and paste them on your desk. Learn them thoroughly and keep revising them over and over again so that these are on your tips. You will only be able to solve the problems if you have a good understanding of the formula.
Practice As Much As Possible
It is essential to practice the problems as much as you can in order to solve them efficiently and quickly. Refer to different books and solve the questions given there or better still solve the sample papers and previous years’ examination paper in order to practice well.
Test Your Knowledge
When it comes to preparing for competitive examinations such as JEE, merely mugging up does not help. It is essential to test your knowledge regularly in order to know where you stand. This can best be done by giving mock tests. These will not only help you know where you lack but also improve your speed and boost confidence.

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