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Technology Made Learning Easy for Students

Online Learning Technology has made life easy for us. It is used in every sphere of life these days thereby making life comfortable and smooth. Among other sectors, it is the education sector that has made the most of the technologically advanced tools and devices. It is technology that has made e-learning possible and proved to be a boon for the students. This new mode of learning/ teaching has made learning quite easy for students. Let us see how:

  1. Flexible Timings

V-SAT 2018

vsat-exam-2018Vignan’s Scholastic Aptitude Test (V-SAT) is conducted to select students for B Tech degree programmes offered by Vignan Univeristy. This university level examination is conducted by Vignan Univeristy, Vadlamudi Gantur Campus based in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. V-SAT 2018 shall be held at different centres across India. The exam shall be conducted via online mode only. The question paper would only be available in English language.

Students are also given admission in B-Tech programmes at the university based on their performance in JEE Main and EAMCET. Read on to find out more about V-SAT 2018 and Vignan University.

Etoosindia’s Online Coaching: Perfect for JEE and NEET Aspirants

Etoos Coaching for JEE/NEETMy son was quite confused on which stream to opt for as he entered class XI. Since, he was good with both maths and biology choosing between medical and non-medical became extremely difficult. He finally decided to go for PCMB to explore his interest further. Though, I felt he would be exerting himself too much by doing so, I supported his decision.

Meet and Greet our Scientist

scientistScientists have contributed immensely in the growth and development of the society. Scientific inventions have made our lives comfortable and convenient. Here are some of the Indian scientists that earned fame worldwide for their contribution in the field of science:

Acharya J. C. Bose

Bose was born in November 1858 in West Bengal. A genius in the field of science, he was a physicist, biologist, botanist, archaeologist and polymath. He laid the foundation of experimental science in the Indian sub-continent.

4 Tips for Successful Metal Stamping

4-tips for successful Before we begin providing tips for successful metal stamping let us understand as to what exactly is this process all about. It is basically a process wherein flat or coiled metal sheets are placed in a stamping press to transform them into the desired shape. Almost everything we use in our day to day life is made using this process. Washing machine, utensils, jewelry, parts of computers as well as medical equipment require undergoing this process.

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