5 Tips to Beat Procrastination.

5 Amazing tips to beat procrastination

What is procrastination? – Procrastination can hit anyone anytime! For those who aren’t well versed with what procrastination means, let us try to get it straight. Procrastination is the action of…

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Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed in NEET/JEE Preparation.

How Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed in NEET/JEE Preparation

Cracking JEE or NEET is a dream of many but not everyone gets through it easily. Lakhs of students compete with each other every year to be able to secure…

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Curiosity Alive.

How to Keep Curiosity Alive?

A curious person is always up to something or the other. There are several things that interest him and he is always looking for ways to find out more and…

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Five Ways of Thinking Strong

‘You are what you think you are’. The power of strong and positive thinking cannot be neglected. If you think you are strong and capable and will succeed in life…

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Games That Increase Your Brain Power

Since ages, students are involved in a number of activities to enhance their brain power. While meditation and yoga are considered to be one of the oldest and most effective…

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Grow Trees, Save Trees

You must have heard the importance of saving the trees and growing more of them but have ever really contributed towards this cause? This environmental concern is graver than you…

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