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Application of Physics in Our Daily Lives

Application of Physics in Our Daily LivesJust as mathematics, the laws and practices of physics also come handy in our day to day lives. It deals with force, matter, motion and energy and is thus known to be natural science. Several big and small things we do in our daily lives are based on different principles of physics. From something as simple as walking on earth to intricate things such as functioning of tools and gadgets – everything works on the laws of physics. Here is a brief look at a few ways in which physics is applied in our daily lives:

Mystery of Black Hole

Black holes are formed as a result of disintegration of massive size stars in the space. These are not visible from the earth like the stars and planets. High tech equipments and close scientific observation is required to discover these.
These big black holes are known for their incredible gravitational power and the density of their formation. Nothing, not even light, can escape this gravitational force. Any star or other heavenly body that comes in contact with this black hole gets absorbed in it and is never able to come out. So the formation of these black holes basically depends on the matter in the space. The reason behind the actual origin of the black holes still remains a mystery however scientists keep coming up with different interesting theories on the same.

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