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Tag: Stress

How to Handle Stress During the JEE Exam?

JEE Exam Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is one of the toughest competitive examinations. The preparation period is quite stressful for the candidates and so is the examination time. Even those candidates who are well-prepared for the exam tend to feel anxious as they enter the examination hall. Here are a few tips to handle stress during the JEE Exam:

  1. Be Calm

Clear your mind of any negative thoughts as you enter the examination centre. Stay calm and positive. Practice deep breathing for a minute or two as you settle down and await the question paper. This will help in relieving stress and handling the paper better.

How To Deal With Depression and Stress?

Relieve StressStress is the leading cause of several health problems these days. This so called mental illness is not restricted to a particular age group; it haunts almost everyone these days. Just look around yourself and you will hardly find anyone who is stress-free. It is surprising to know that even toddlers have stress and anxiety issues now days. Stress does not only impact you mentally but also has adverse effect on your physical health

As exciting as it is, a student’s life can also be quite stressful as a lot needs to be learned and handled during this phase. A student is expected to juggle between his studies, sports, extra-curricular activities and learn various other aspects of life. Managing all these things simultaneously often causes stress and anxiety. Here are eight hobbies that students can pursue to de-stress.

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