How to Take Notes Effectively?

take-notes-effectivlyTaking down notes as your teacher gives lecture can be quite a task. However, it is worth the effort. Jotting down what is being taught in the class simultaneously develops your interest in the topic, boosts your power to concentrate in the class and also helps prepare a ready reckoned to refer to. Here are a few tips to refer to in order to take notes effectively.

  1. Go Prepared

In order to take notes effectively in the class, you should be familiar with the topic being taught. It is thus suggested to read the topic to be covered beforehand. This way you will be able to make more sense of what is being taught and shall be able to take better notes.

  1. Divide Your Page into Two Columns

It is a good idea to divide your page in two columns with three-fourth of the space given to the first column. Jot down your notes in the first column and leave the second one blank. Any left out point can later be added in the space left blank.

  1. Listen Carefully

Pay close attention to what is being taught in the class. Focus all your attention towards listening to your teacher. Only when you listen properly would you be able to take it down.

  1. Understand the Point

You must be able to comprehend what is being taught to pen it down properly. Try not only to listen to each point carefully but also to comprehend it before you jot it down.

  1. Use Abbreviations

The use of abbreviations while taking notes increases speed. You should thus make it a habit to use abbreviations wherever possible to take down the notes swiftly.

  1. Create Symbols

Besides abbreviations, you can also make use of symbols. It is a good idea to create symbols for the commonly used terms so you can replace them with the former each time. Prepare a symbol chart so that you have something to refer to in case you forget the meaning of any symbol.

  1. Maintain Good Handwriting

Though you require taking down notes speedily during the class however make sure you do not degrade your handwriting in the attempt. Maintain a good handwriting all through and underline the main points to make your notes appear systematic.

Following these simple steps will help you take down notes effectively. The aforementioned tips will ensure that you have all-inclusive information about the topics rather than vague chunks.

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