Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. They sacrifice their comfort and act at the right time to build a successful tomorrow. Numerous students sit for tough competitive examinations such as IIT JEE and AIPMT each year to seek admission in top engineering and medical colleges of the country however only a few are able to get through. What sets these students apart from the rest is their ability to stay determined and work hard continually amid all odds. Here is the success story of one such student aimed to inspire you to work harder.

Pranay Agarwal, last year’s JEE Main Topper, was determined to crack the tough Joint Entrance Examination to study in one of the esteemed Indian Institutes of Technology. He did his best to do so and the rest as they say is history!

Pranay, who scored 341 out of 360, was confident that he would be able to crack the JEE Main exam but admitted that he hadn’t thought of scoring so well. In an interview post his success, he shared as to how he deactivated his Facebook account and did away with his mobile for several months just so that he could concentrate wholly and solely on his upcoming exam.

He started preparing for this exam when he was still in class IX. Besides seeking coaching from a good institute Pranay devoted a lot of time for self study. Initially, he squeezed in 2-3 hours for self study however soon he increased it to 5-6 hours. He made sure that the study material provided by the coaching institute as well as the NCERT books were on his tips. “I used to remind myself not to lose concentration. It is also very important to know your strengths and weaknesses. I have always tried to convert my weaknesses into my strengths”, he stated in the same interview.

Pranay also admitted the fact that preparing for your CBSE board exams and studying simultaneously for JEE can be extremely difficult and just like any other student he too got nervous and anxious at times however he is grateful to his parents who supported him all through and motivated him to keep going. They often advised him to take a break and play outside which helped him de-stress and concentrate better.

He shared that during the exam he attempted the easier questions first and then moved on to the difficult ones and this helped him solve the paper efficiently within the given time frame.

Well, his story is yet another reminder that if we are determined enough to achieve our dreams then there is nothing that can get in the way of our success. So don’t just dream, go ahead and fulfil them because it is now or never!

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