Taking a Drop: Challenges and Goals

Taking a drop to prepare for competitive examinations such as IIT JEE or NEET can be one of the hardest decisions in a student’s life. As hard as this decision is, it never comes with the guarantee that it would yield positive results. While preparing for such competitive tests and your CBSE class 12th exams simultaneously can be quite tough, the challenges faced by students who take a drop are none the less. Here is a look at the challenges of taking a drop as well as the goals one must set to crack the exam.

Time Constraint
Contrary to the popular notion that taking a drop gives you ample time to study, it is to be noted that the syllabus of such exams is often vast and you won’t have enough time to cover it properly if you take things lightly. It is thus essential to schedule your time efficiently from the very beginning. Remember you don’t just have to cover the entire syllabus but also need to set aside enough time for revision. Testing your knowledge is equally important and that can be done by giving mock tests or solving sample papers. So your schedule must be such that it accommodates all these.

Starting from the Start
This most likely would be your second attempt and you might already have studied most of the topics in-depth. However, do not make the mistake of taking those topics lightly. As you sit to prepare your schedule, make sure you squeeze in enough time for each topic and study the entire syllabus thoroughly all over again. Also test your knowledge by using different means such as indulging in group studies, taking mock tests and solving previous years’ papers.

Staying Motivated
You have enough time to study thoroughly, you enrol at a good coaching institute and buy the best of guides and study material to prepare for the upcoming examination but there may still be something that might cause a hindrance in your preparation. What is it? Well, often enough students find it hard to stay motivated all through the year. Though they nurture the dream of seeking admission in their dream college, they tend to loose determination at times. This is particularly one of the main challenges faced by those who take a drop. Keep reminding yourself of your ultimate goal and look for ways to stay motivated and focused.

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