The Myth Called Math Brain Unfolded

Maths is one such subject which is either loved or hated all together by the students. It is believed that one is either very good in this subject or it is simply not his cup of tea. One who is strong in maths is said to have a math brain. But is there actually something called a math brain? Well, recent studies state that this is just a myth.

Researchers state that the attitude and belief students develop regarding themselves and their academic performance are closely inter-linked. However, this contradicts the common belief that the performance of a student is based completely on the way he is taught. It has also been stated that a few changes in the manner in which maths is taught can have a huge impact on the student’s performance. Using innovative methods can bring about positive outcome. Techniques such as math visualization, math write ups and discussions on the problems can bring improvement in the problem solving ability of the students and thus help them perform better in the subject.

Neuroscientists have found out that the brain has the ability to grow as well as shrink. Brain studies state that when a person makes a mathematical error, it does not bar the brain’s growth however it shrinks it. It is said that when a student makes a mistake while solving maths equations, the link between two neurons sends electrical impulses without the student being aware of it. This means that the brain grows even when we commit a mistake though we do not recognize it. Therefore, even those of you who are committing mathematical errors must get out of the mindset that maths is not their subject. Do not give up on this subject believing the myth that you do not have a math brain. With the help of right teaching methodology anyone can master mathematics.

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