time management tips to crack iit jeeIn order to we are providing time management tips to Crack IIT JEE, or any other examination for that matter, it is essential to manage your time efficiently. In case, you think the time you have isn’t enough for you to prepare for this tough competitive examination then here are a few effective time management tips to crack iit jee:

Time Management Tips to Crack IIT JEE

• Prepare a Schedule: In order to manage your time effectively it is suggested to prepare a schedule. Once you have a schedule in place, you will know exactly what to do when and this will save a lot of time wasted in deciding what is to be done each day.
• Set Targets: Setting targets motivates you to work harder and make the most of the time you have. Hence, it is suggested to make daily, weekly as well as monthly targets and work delicately to achieve the same.
• Remind Yourself of Your Ultimate Goal: Keep reminding yourself of your ultimate goal. Tell yourself repeatedly as to why you decided to sit for the exam and as to what is your ultimate goal in life. This will motivate you to study with dedication.
• Identify Your Time of Study: While some people can concentrate best during the early morning hours others can learn better during the late evening hours. It is essential to identify the time of the day when you can concentrate best and study during that time to learn your lessons efficiently.
• Use the Unaccountable Time: There is a lot of time that goes unaccounted during the day. For instance, the time when you are travelling to and from the school and coaching classes, the time you are waiting for your meal to be served, etc. It is suggested to keep your notes handy all the time and give a glance whenever you get time.
• Make Play Cards: Prepare play cards for different topics, formulas and other stuff. These can be easily kept handy and are a fun way to learn. Use different colored pens to highlight the main points and make the play cards attractive.
• Ac Indulge in Group Studies: Self study can often lead to monotony and lower your ability to concentrate after a certain point. It is thus suggested to indulge in group studies from time to time in order to break the monotony and use your time more efficiently.

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