Planning to sit for the tough National Entrance cum Eligibility Test (NEET) to seek admission in one of the top medical colleges in the country? Well, We shared some Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET Exam.

Tips and tricks to crack NEET.

Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET

  • Get Your Syllabus Right
    The first and foremost thing you need to do is to know the syllabus. It is only when you have the entire syllabus handy would you be able to prepare an effective schedule. Consult your teachers and refer to the information available on the official NEET page to know the same.
  • Prepare a Schedule
    Prepare a workable schedule to cover your syllabus well in time. It is suggested to prepare a tentative yearly schedule and strict daily, weekly and monthly schedules and stick to them diligently. Your schedule must be such that you have enough time to revise your lessons as well.

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  • Self Assessment
    Just mugging up chapter after chapter does not help. It is suggested to solve Sample Papers and give Mock Tests every once in a while to know where you stand. It is also a good idea to assess your knowledge by giving mock tests.
  • Focus on the Important Parts
    Get in touch with the faculties at your coaching centre to know what the important parts are. Though it is essential to be thorough with the entire syllabus you must focus on the topics that carry more weight-age and are important from examination point of view.
  • Eat Right and Exercise
    Lastly, do not underestimate the importance of eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. Also, make sure you take a good 7-8 hours sleep everyday and indulge in exercise regularly to stay energized and concentrate better. Now Follow this Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET. These Tips provide by the Expert faculty of Etoosindia,  for more information regarding  NEET Study Material, Video Lecture, Exam Solutions please visit our website:

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