class-10th-board-examClass 10 board exam is the first major examination in a student’s life. The stream a student will choose and the career path he will eventually tread on depends on the class 10th score to a large extent. Here are 8 useful tips that will help you score 90+ in class 10 board exams:

  1. Clear the Concepts

Make sure your basic concepts are clear. It is only when you are clear with the fundamentals you will be able to understand and learn the topics properly. Never hesitate to clarify your doubts. Read your chapters over and over again, seek help from your teachers as well as your classmates to make sure all your doubts are clear and you are thorough with the concepts.

  1. Plan Properly

Proper planning is of utmost importance especially when you are preparing for your board exams. It is suggested to prepare a schedule to cover the syllabus on time and have enough time for revision and knowledge testing. Make a workable schedule and stick to it. This is the best way to manage your time efficiently.

  1. Practice Writing

Don’t just read your lessons to by heart them, keep writing side by side. This will not only help you memorise your chapters thoroughly but will also improve your writing speed. Diagrams and graphs must especially be drawn repeatedly for thorough understanding.

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  1. Prepare Notes

Keep two notebooks handy as you sit to study your chapters. A rough one in which you can write the points repeatedly to learn them and another one where you can jot down all the important points to prepare your own hand-written notes. These notes will come handy as you sit to revise.

  1. List the Formulas

Make a list of all the formulas and stick them on your desk or at any place where you can give it a frequent glance. Read them as often as you can to memorize them well.

  1. Solve Sample Papers

Get hold of the previous years’ papers as well sample papers. Solve as many of these as you can. This will give you a clear idea about the examination pattern and hone your analytical as well as problem solving skills. It will also improve your speed and you shall be able to manage your time better during the exam.

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  1. Revise Regularly

Revision is of utmost importance. Keep revising the lessons you have already learned simultaneously as you study the new ones. Revising and re-revising your lessons regularly will help retain them well.

  1. Ensure Good Health

“A healthy mind breeds in a healthy body”. It is thus essential for you to take utmost care of your body. Have a balanced diet full of all the essential micronutrients. Also do not compromise on your sleep. Sleep for 7-8 hours every day as it is essential to take proper rest to stay fit. It is also advised to practice deep breathing and meditation or indulge in exercise regularly to burst stress.