Tips to Crack IIT JEE

tips to crack iit jeeJoint Entrance Examination (JEE), conducted to select students for top engineering and architect courses in the country, is held in two phases – JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The competition is tough and only a few among the millions who appear for this exam are able to make their dream college. Here are a few simple yet effective Tips to Crack IIT JEE

Tips to Crack IIT JEE :

  1. Prepare a Schedule: The first thing you should do after you gather your IIT JEE syllabus is to prepare a schedule. Prepare a rough annual schedule just to get an idea about how much time you can devote to each topic to complete your syllabus timely and have enough time for revision. Once you have the rough annual schedule in hand, prepare your weekly schedule accordingly. Your weekly schedule must be workable and you must ensure you follow it diligently.
  1. Prioritise Your Daily Tasks: While you do have a weekly schedule in place, your daily priorities may change based on your homework assignments, class tests and certain personal reasons. It is thus suggested to priorities your daily tasks and work hard to achieve them.
  1. Devote Time to Self Study: Do not set your books aside once you are back from your IIT JEE coaching. Take out time for self study to go through all that you have learned in the class side by side. This will help you retain it well.

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  1. Prepare Notes: Refer to your IIT JEE guidebooks, study material received from your coaching center as well as the notes taken down in the class as you sit for self study. Jot down essential points from all these sources to prepare your own notes.
  1. Revise Regularly: Don’t just go on learning chapter after chapter, revise them regularly to memorise them thoroughly. Revision is best done from your hand written notes.
  1. Seek Online Coaching: Seeking online coaching is a good way to manage your time efficiently and prepare better. Institutes such as Etoosindia offer top quality IIT JEE coaching at cost-effective prices.
  1. Practice More: Solve as many numerical as you can in order to solve them efficiently in your IIT JEE exam. The more you practice the better you will be at judging as to which formula to apply where and how to quickly derive at the answer.
  1. Give Mock Tests: IIT JEE mock tests such as the ones available at Etoosindia are designed as per the JEE pattern and help you assess as to how much you have grasped. Solve these regularly to know the areas you are weak in and also to enhance your speed, Now this best Tips to Crack IIT JEE.mock-test
  1. Having a well-balanced diet keeps you fit and active there by helping you to study better. You must keep a check on what you eat, how much you eat and the gaps between your meals.
  1. Sleep Well and Exercise: Do not overlook the importance of completing 7-8 hours of sleep each day as you begin your IIT JEE preparation. Having adequate sleep helps relax your mind as well as body and energizes you to work through the day. It is also suggested to take out some time from your schedule to exercise. This will help reduce stress and boost your power to concentrate.

Now follow this Step regularly because this is tips to crack iit jee

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