If you are planning to sit for IIT JEE, you must be aware that you need to study dedicatedly in order to be thorough with the syllabus. While studying hard is important it is essential for you to know the right way to study in order to crack this tough examination. Here are some useful hints that shall help you come out with flying colours in IIT JEE 2016:

Hard Work is the Key

There is no substitute for hard work. The more you study and practice the better you shall be able to perform in your examination. Schedule your time efficiently so as to give proper time to each topic and study hard to cover the entire syllabus for all three subjects.

Revision is a must

No matter how well you study your chapters you would not be able to retain them if you do not revise them from time to time. Schedule a time for revision every week and dedicate the last few months purely for revision.

Lay Stress on Important Chapters

Though it is essential to study the entire syllabus thoroughly, there are certain chapters that are comparatively more important from the exam point of you. Find out about such chapters and topics for all three subjects and devote more time on these in order to ensure that these are on your tips. 

Prepare Notes
You would not like to go through your books and study material at length as you sit for revision at later stages. It is thus suggested to prepare notes as you go through different topics so that you have them handy at the time of revision. 

Seek Online Coaching

 Instead of spending time and energy on commuting every day to reach your coaching centre, it is suggested to seek online coaching. The concept is getting popular among the IIT aspirants as it offers the ease of studying at a time and place suitable to you. is among the pioneers in online JEE coaching. The institute has collaborated with top JEE faculties from Kota to provide you expert guidance sitting right in the comfortable confines of your house. 

Take Mock Tests

It is essential to test your knowledge from time to time in order to figure out your weaknesses and strengths. This will not only help you understand as to which topics you need to brush up but will also improve your time management skills. There are a number of mock tests available on Etoosindia. Take these tests to test your knowledge and hone your skills.

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