Ways Smart Students Can Reduce Their Study Time

Do you study for long hours, take the best of coaching and are regular at the school but are still unable to fetch good marks? Well, this means you are working hard but not smart enough. Studying for long hours does not guarantee good marks. Smart students don’t keep sitting with their books open for the entire day. They study for limited period of time each day and when they study they do it with complete concentration. Here are some of the ways students can study more in less time:

Identify Time for Self Study
Self study is the best way to study. You must make sure that you study at a time you can concentrate best. For instance, if you are a morning person then set aside the early morning hours for revising what you have studied at your school/ coaching centre. You will be able to focus best during this time and thus grasp more efficiently and quickly. Likewise, if you can concentrate best during the late evening hours then devote those hours for studying.

Do Not Multi-task
Multi-tasking does not only lower your speed and ruin your performance but also damages your brain. Performing multiple tasks at a time lowers your productivity. It is thus suggested to take up one thing at a time. Avoid juggling between different books, study materials and subjects. Finish learning one thing at a time and then move on to the next.

Avoid Distractions
It goes without saying that checking your social media account, messages or looking at other such things in between your study hours wastes a lot of time. It is thus suggested to steer clear of all such distractions so as to concentrate wholly and solely on your studies.

Stay Calm
Stay calm as you sit to study. Many students tend to panic and this hampers their ability to learn. Start studying from the beginning of the session itself when you still have ample of time to learn. Prepare a workable schedule and study accordingly. This will help you cover your syllabus at a good pace and shall thus keep you calm.

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