Ways to Smartly Reduce the Study Hours

Do you study for long hours each day only to see that your friends, who claim to study for much lesser time, outperform you? Well, studying for long hours is definitely not the mantra to enhance performance. Here are a few smart ways in which all you students can reduce your study hours:

Do Not Study at a Stretch
Various studies state that studying at a stretch for long hours reduces the ability to grasp things at a good pace. The brain does not work as efficiently after a certain point and slows down the learning process. It is thus suggested to take short breaks in between to refresh your mind.

Use Different Modes of Studying
Researchers state that different modes of learning hit different areas of the brain. The more parts of the brain you stimulate, the better you will be able to learn. So don’t just keep reading the text to memorize it, write down what you read simultaneously, record your chapters to hear them later, watch online lectures and teach your classmates. All these will help you learn more thoroughly.

Do Not Multitask
Multitasking hampers productivity. The more things you do the less you are able to focus and more mistakes you are likely to make. In order to study more in less time you must focus wholly and solely on what you are studying. Keep your phone aside, turn off the internet connection of your computer, keep your study tidy and put all the other distractions at bay to concentrate on your studies.

Prepare a Schedule
Check your syllabus and spread it tactfully so as to complete it much before your exams and have enough time for revision. Prepare a workable schedule and stick to it diligently. When you have a schedule handy, you know exactly what to do when and are able to follow a systematic approach.

Sleep Well and Exercise
Besides working hard it is also important to take good care of your mental as well as physical health in order to study better. It is essential to take 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Also make sure you squeeze in half an hour each day to exercise. This will help in boosting your power to concentrate and help you learn more in less time.

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