What is Your Learning Style?

There are basically three different learning styles. These are visual, auditory and tactile. It is your style that influences the manner in which you comprehend the given information and analyze and resolve problems. If you have been trying hard to learn efficiently but are failing at the same each time then you need to understand as to which is the apt way for you to learn so as to grasp things quickly and retain them for long. Read on to know about different styles of learning and find out as to which one suits you best:

Auditory :-

Auditory learners learn by listening to the content. It is easier for them to comprehend spoken instructions. Their mind retains the things they hear by way of its sound. Such people grasp things by reading the content aloud as they require hearing it to retain it. Here are certain things auditory learners can do to learn better:

  • Read out news, stories and other content aloud to hear them.
  • Get your hearing checked every once in a while.
  • During a lecture, sit at a place where you can hear it loud and clear.
Visual :-
Visual learners learn by looking at pictures or reading the text. They learn better when they see things by sight. In their head they create a picture of what they are learning. They usually learn things by visualizing and might be distracted easily by sounds. Such people love reading text that comes with rich imagery. Here are some things visual learners can do to learn things better:
During a classroom session, sit in the front row or at a place where the white board or the screen is clearly visible to you.
  • Get your eyesight checked regularly.
  • Learn new words by using flash cards.
  • Use different colours to highlight and mark text as you prepare notes.
  • Draw pictures to understand and learn new concepts.
Tactile :-
Tactile learners learn things by physical movement. They learn things better by touching, building, moving and drawing. They basically learn better when any kind of physical activity is involved. They can easily memorise with the help of the things they do rather than those they read or hear. Here are a few things that tactile learners can do to learn things efficiently:
  • Involve in activities that include touching, moving, drawing or building.
  • Walk or sit in a rocking chair as you study.
  • As you read out the text trace it with your fingers.

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