Why do people burp ?

When we consume food and beverages we also tend to swallow air with it. This air is a mix of different gases such as nitrogen and oxygen. These gases at times need a vent and make their way out through the mouth which is termed as burp.

The extra gases you swallow along with your food and drink are forced to move out of the digestive tract. These cases move upwards from the stomach to the esophagus and are then released from the mouth. In case you aren’t aware, esophagus is the food pipe that connects the back of the throat to the stomach. This is the body’s natural mechanism to remove extra gases from the digestive tract. You must have often noticed that you tend to burp more after having carbonated drinks. This is because these contain gases that try to make their way out soon after you gulp the drink. You also tend to burp more when you eat very fast. Eating too fast can lead to indigestion and make you burp more as this way you are taking more air inside.

Besides, burp is even caused as one unconsciously swallows the air when he is anxious or nervous. Those who talk while eating, have their drink through straw, smoke, have tobacco, eat chewing gums, laugh out loud or drink alcohol also tend to take in more air and thus burp more.
Though burping is completely normal and not something to worry about if you have been burping too much then you better need to keep a check on what you eat and how you eat it.

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