Why does an AIIMS aspirant need a mentor?

You need a whole institution employed with learned and experienced faculties to cover your school syllabus year on year and most of you even go for an additional coaching to prepare well for your school exams then how can you expect to clear one of the toughest entrance examination without seeking guidance from a mentor?

While the market is flooded with numerous books that cover the entire AIPMT syllabus and several sample papers and mock tests that help you test your knowledge, there are a lot of things you may miss out on if you just stick to these. If you are seriously aiming at getting admission in AIIMs then it is imperative for you to seek assistance from a mentor. Here is why:

Important Portions
You may gain in-depth knowledge about your subjects from your guide books however you will never know as to which topics are comparatively more important. A mentor will help you understand as to which topics should be focused upon and which ones are not as important from exam point of view. This would help you prepare a smart study plan.

The Art of Time Management
Time management is of utmost importance and this is one thing that you can learn from your mentor who has already been through the phase you are in right now. Half your battle is won if you are able to manage your time efficiently.

How to Stay Calm and Determined?
It is but natural to feel stressed during this time. The tension builds up as the examination date creeps closer. You may want to give up at times due to high level of stress and inability to grasp certain topics. Your mentor will guide you on how to deal with stress and stay determined to achieve your goal.

How to Attempt the Exam?
It is important to attempt the paper the right way in order to complete it within the given time. AIPMT sample papers and mock tests such as that available on Etoosindia.com are a good way to learn the examination pattern however your mentor, who has a first-hand experience of sitting through this test would be able to guide you better on how to go about it.

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