Your Key to Crack IIT JEE 2016

IIT JEE 2016 is just around the corner and this is the time to put in your best efforts in order to succeed in the exam. You may have studied all round the year but if you do not work smartly during this time then all the efforts made until now can go down the drain. Confused? Well, don’t be, we are here to help you make the most of this time so that you come out with flying colours in the Joint Entrance Examination.

Prepare a Timetable
It is essential to prepare a timetable and study according to it. Your timetable should be such that it covers the entire syllabus within the days left for your exam. Identify the hours when you can concentrate best and prepare your time table accordingly. Align your schedule with your body clock so that you are able to follow it with ease.

Prepare a Revision Sheet
At this crucial time, it is suggested to do away with the various guide books and study material you have and stick to your hand written notes. Go through these notes over and over again on order to be thorough with your subjects. It is a good idea to shorten these notes further and prepare a revision sheet which can kept handy for revision all the time.

Take Mock Tests
It is essential for you to know how much you have grasped when there is still time. Taking mock tests helps you figure out about the areas you need to brush up on and the ones you just require giving a glance. Besides, solving these mock tests gives you a fair idea about the examination pattern and also helps you manage your time efficiently during the examination. It is suggested to solve at least one mock test daily preferably during that time of the day at which your exam is scheduled. This would train your mind to concentrate better during that time.

Revise Thoroughly
By now you must have covered the entire course at your coaching institute and if you are actually serious about this upcoming exam then you must have studied all the topics on your own as well. It is actually time now to revise the entire course all over again in order to retain it well. Revise and re-revise your topics as many times as you can so that you don’t miss out on anything. It is also the time to lay more stress on the important parts.

Go for Group Studies
It is a good idea to go for group studies every once in a while. This will break the monotony of self study and will also help you assess your knowledge. Throw course related questions at each other to find out where you stand. This is a good platform for knowledge-sharing and learning.

Rest and Rejuvenate
Even as you enter the last month leading to your exam, it is advised not to go overboard with your studies neglecting your health. It is very important for you to take complete 6-8 hours sleep daily in order to stay healthy. Also take some time off to exercise or rejuvenate whichever way you like. Both these are essential to keep your mental and physical health intact and concentrate better.

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  1. Ohh WOW this is awesome article for all IIT JEE students.I'm also a student and i'm also preparation for iit jee exam, And this article giving so amazing tips for exam preparation.

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