2006 JEE Topper in country Raghu Mahajan Currently doing DOCTRATE

JEE Topper Raghu Mahajan

The 2006 IIT-JEE topper in the country, Raghu Mahajan, who quit IIT after two years of studying the computer science and engineering programme. He is currently doing his doctorate in theoretical physics from Stanford University. Mahajan was pursuing his B Tech from IIT-Delhi and in May 2008. And he decided to quit the premier institute midway to pursue physics and mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
 In an email interaction with TOI, Mahajan, said that he found the academic environment at IIT-Delhi ‘quite depressing’ much to his disappointment, when some of his friends who had gone to MIT right after class 12, told him how intellectually inspiring their experience was. “I was doing computer science at IIT-Delhi because of social pressures. I transferred to MIT mainly because I wanted to study physics. The physics department at IIT-Delhi is not that strong in theoretical physics that I wanted to pursue,” said Mahajan.

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