5 Ways to reduce exam stress when few days left in exam

5 Ways to reduce exam stress when few days left in exam

NEET exam is one of the most grinding competitive exams with a success rate of a mare 15%. Students who dream to be top doctors and dentists appear for this exam but only a few are able to step up the ladder of their dreams. As the exams approaches the stress meter of the students goes up. The increased exam stress and anxiety affect the grades of the students. And hence you need to take care of yourself if you want to score high in the NEET exam

To help you stay stress-free and score high in the NEET 2023 exam during this crucial time is important to follow the given tips:

5 Ways to reduce exam stress

Follow a Proper Study Plan

One way to beat stress is by forming a proper timetable or study plan. Adding each and every topic in this NEET preparation timetable will help you cover your syllabus on time. Timely completion of the syllabus is one of the best ways to deal with exam stress. An incomplete syllabus is one of the major reason reasons why students face anxiety. 

Set daily goals in this timetable and try to achieve them by the end of the day this will not only help you complete your NEET prep but will also give you confidence. 

Daily revision to boost your confidence

Revision is the best way you can win your NEET exam. Regular revisions help you recall the topics and equations that you studied before. The more you revise the more stronghold you will get in that topic. No matter how big of an organization you are studying from but if you are not giving plenty of time to the self-revision then it is all in vain. Hence, it is important to stay regular on revisions. 

Take a Proper Mock Test Series

To calm yourself from exam stress, the best way to deal with this is by practicing mock test series. Mock test series are formed on the basis NTA pattern exam. Practicing these will prepare you for the actual exam and will let you know where you stand in the competition. Mock tets series will give you an idea of your weak points and hence you can focus on such areas more. The more you practice the more you will excel in the NEET exam syllabus.

Prepare a Proper Notes

While studying, pen down all the important points, formulae, concepts, definitions, names, etc, in a copy. Penning down important points will make it easier for you to remember. Not just this preparing notes will help with a quick look at the key points when you don’t have enough time for revision. 

Take a Proper Sleep

To keep your NEET exam preparation excellent it is important to take at least 6-7 hours of sleep to keep the exam stress at bay. Long hours of studies without enough sleep can affect you mentally and physically. so, there is no brilliancy in disturbing your sleep pattern in the greed to study for more hours. If your mind is not relaxed you won’t be able to study properly. 

The NEET exam preparation comes with a lot of challenges like stress and anxiety but the given tips will help you to curb that. 


Why is NEET so stressful?

NEET is one of the toughest competitive exams for which lakhs of students appear every year thus increasing the competition. This increased competition accompanied by the wide syllabus is a reason why NEET is so stressful.

How many hours does a NEET aspirant study?

Looking at the wide syllabus of the NEET exam you should study for 12-14 hours a day.

What is the age limit for NEET?

The lower age limit for appearing for the NEET exam is 17 years and the students should have cleared the 12th board exam. There is no upper age limit. 

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