Advantages Of Topic Based Course (Drill Course)

Benefits Of Topic Based Course

Topic Based Course: Are you looking for the preparing Neet / JEE exam 2023?  If yes. Then you must be looking for ways that will help you shine in your Neet/ Jee preparation 2023. Such competitive exams demand deeper research and learning of every topic of the vast syllabus of the Neet / JEE exam 2023. No matter how much hard work you are putting in there might be some or the other important topic that you might find difficult to understand. 

To help you understand every topic to greater depths ETOOS India your learning partner has introduced its brilliantly curated course, i.e, The  (Topic based Course) Drill Course.

 ETOOS India has been imparting education to prepare the JEE/ NEET students for the competitive exams, not just this our institute has been a success in helping the students touch the high skies. 

Why do students need a topic based course?

As mentioned it is important for the JEE/ Neet  2023 aspirants to focus on every minor detail of the NEET/ JEE syllabus. For that purpose, you are needed to focus on every topic.

And ETOOS India is here to end your topic based course search here. Now you must be wondering why students need topic based course. Topic-based courses are important to develop a deeper understanding of important topics and build a connection between the same so that it is easier for the students to grasp. 

This is exactly what our Drill  Topic based course covers.

What is Special In (Drill) Topic-based course?

You got a problem and we already have the solution. There are always some hard topics that the students can’t gain confidence in. The drill (Topic based)course is at your forefront to take care of such topics and details. With this course, we will aim at drilling into the depths of such topics that you are finding difficult to cover. Every concept and topic will be explained in a detailed manner that will help you remember it for a lifetime. 

Which steps are covered in a topic-based course?

Let’s get an insight into all perks you will be getting with the Drill course:

Detailed theory with examples

The JEE preparation requires detailed and in-depth knowledge of every topic. This course focuses on digging all the crucial topics to depth with suitable examples so that the students remember them for a longer time. 

Exercise-based lectures 

Get lectures from expert faculties regarding exercises and questions based on JEE mains and JEE advanced. 

PYQs of the last 5 years 

Practicing previous year’s question papers is important as these give you an idea of where you stand in the competition and the type of questions that come in the exam. The drill course will make your preparation easy by providing you with the last 5 year’s question paper to help you brush up on your JEE preparation. Not only this you will be provided video solutions by the expert faculties of the same. 

Advanced level questions

Through this course, we will prepare you for the advanced levels by providing killer questions that have a high chance of being asked in the exams. 

Features of Drill course:

Latest recorded video lectures

Video lectures are delivered by the top faculties of Kota in a language that is easier for the students to catch. The aim is to make the JEE preparation easy in the best possible ways. You can get access to these lectures anytime from anywhere. 

Study material in PDF format

The content provided is prepared by the experts in a layman’s language that will make your preparation a cakewalk. Each topic is explained in great depth which will make the grasping easy for the aspirants. 

Doubt panel (24×7)

Want to clear the blur? Our faculties are available 24×7 to help you solve all your doubts. Many online courses provide doubt clinics but not expert faculties to solve the doubts from. Whereas, there is no such issue with ETOOS India. Ask your doubts anytime from anywhere and get them solved with the help of your favorite teachers. 

So, if you got topic based problems ETOOS India is here to help you dig each and every one of them up. Choose the Drill course and make your JEE preparation easy. 

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