AIIMS 2017 Entrance Examination Preparation – Subject Wise Tips

AIIMS 2017 Entrance Examination Preparation

AIIMS entrance exam is conducted to select students for different medical courses in the prestigious All India Institutes of Medical Sciences. These are autonomous public medical colleges established to provide higher education. If you are planning to appear for AIIMS 2017 then the subject wise tips shared for the preparation of the same should be helpful:

The physics section is said to be the toughest of all. You need to have a clear understanding of the concepts in order to get through it. If you are thorough with your NCERT then more than half your preparation is done. Besides, the key to score good in this section is to practice as much as you can. Revise and re-revise the theoretical part and solve as many equations as you can to master it.

Going by the last few years trend, the biology section is majorly based on NCERT. In the year 2014, not a single question was asked from outside NCERT. An year prior to that, that is in 2013, only 2 questions were asked from outside NCERT and in 2012 only 3 of them came from outside. It is thus suggested to by heart your NCERT book and of course you can refer to other books after you are done with it.

It has been observed that in the chemistry section the inorganic and physical questions are completely based on NCERT. The organic part also includes just 1 or 2 questions from outside and the remaining questions are from NCERT. It is thus recommended that for this section too your main point of focus should be your NCERT book.

General Knowledge
AIIMS also includes a section to test your general knowledge. As per the last few years trend, under this you get 2-3 questions related to science, 4-6 questions related to the current affairs, 1 question about any award winning book and the rest can be from just about anywhere. So, if you are planning to sit for AIIMS make sure you keep a tab on what is happening around to enhance your general knowledge. However, this section carries only 20 marks while the others put together are for 180 marks. Your main point of focus should thus be PCB.

Lastly, study hard and stay determined and you will definitely attain your goal.

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