Guide to Crack NEET /JEE Exam

Guide to Crack NEET/JEE Exam


Competitive examinations such as JEE and NEET are tough to crack even for the genius minds and if you have been average in studies then you need to put in a lot more efforts. Here is an average student’s Guide to Crack NEET/JEE Exam.

Guide to Crack NEET /JEE Exam

Start Early
If engineering or medical line interests you and you are aiming to sit for JEE or NEET it is suggested to start the preparation as you enter your 11th grade. It is essential to give at least 2 years for preparation of competitive examinations such as these.

Prepare a Schedule
Since you will be preparing for your IIT JEE/NEET exam and your board exams simultaneously you must make sure you manage your time efficiently so as to prepare thoroughly for both the exams. Get the syllabus for both the examinations you are appearing for and prepare a schedule that helps you cover the entire course well in time and also gives you enough time for revision.

Seek Good Coaching
Enrolling at a good coaching center is the first step towards success. Since, you will be studying side by side for your CBSE exams and JEE/NEET, it is suggested to go for online coaching such as that provided by Seeking online coaching saves a lot of time. Etoosindia has tie up with the best faculties from Kota that provide you expert guidance and help you crack such tough exams.

Go for Group Studies
It is suggested to go for group studies every once in a while. This is a good way to test your knowledge, discuss doubts and get to learn about things you might have missed otherwise. However, choose your group wisely. Study with those who are serious about giving the exam.

Give Mock Tests
Mock tests are one of the best ways to assess your knowledge. Make it a habit to give at least one mock test daily after you have covered substantial amount of syllabus. It is also suggested to solve last few years’ papers and as many sample papers as you can in order to prepare thoroughly for your exam.

Stay Healthy
Lastly, take utmost care of your mental as well as physical health. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day to ensure that you get proper rest. Take a well-balanced diet full of various micro nutrients and steer clear of junk food in order to stay energised all through the day. Also make sure you squeeze in some time to exercise and rejuvenate yourself each day.


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