Benefits of Making Yoga compulsory in universities/ schools by HRD minister

The HRD Minister, Smriti Irani lately stated that schools and universities should have yoga as a compulsory part of the curriculum. It must be taught from pre-school to post graduation across the country. As per the plan, basic and advanced education in the mentioned subject would be imparted to cover different aspects so as to benefit the students to the maximum. Irani affirmed that making this addition in the curriculum would not put any extra burden on the students.
It would not only be taught to the students but will also form a part of the training module in teacher education programmes. This is because teachers need to be trained on it in order to meet the forthcoming requirement. Spilling details on the same, Irani shared, “We have prepared syllabus for teachers as well. One is diploma in yoga education, bachelors in yoga education and masters in yoga education”.
While most of the educational institutes have welcomed this decision, many have questioned it too. If you too aren’t convinced with the idea then read on to find out the benefits of making it compulsory in universities and schools:

With the growing competition, the level of stress is also going up among the students. Practicing yoga would help the students de-stress and relax.

Boost the Power to Concentrate
With so many distractions around, the biggest challenge for a student these days is to stay focused. Practicing yoga regularly can boost your power to concentrate and stay focused.

Enhance Physical Health
Practicing yoga regularly helps build immunity and renders physical strength. This makes for a good enough reason to include it in the school/ university curriculum.

Improve Mental Health
Not just your physical health, Yoga also improves your mental health. It puts your mind at peace and helps curb problems such as depression, anxiety and insomnia among others.

An Additional Vocation
Besides rendering positive energy and shaping your personality better, making it compulsory also means you have yet another career path to choose from.

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