All the Best for CBSE Board Examination 2019

CBSE Students.

Central Board of Secondary Education Class X and XII exams are one of the most crucial tests in a student’s life. The board exams 2019 are starting tomorrow and the building of tension and anxiety among all those of you appearing for the same is quite natural. However, the key is to stay positive and keep stress at bay.

Here Etoosindia is wishing all of you, all the very best for your upcoming exams. We hope you do exceedingly well and come out with flying colours. Shared below are a few tips that should come handy at this time:

Study Tips The Day Before the Exam

  1. All the stuff including your ID card, pen, pencils, etc that needs to be taken along to the examination hall should be the ready night before the exam to avoid last minute rush.
  2. Close all your books and guidebooks and refer only to your handwritten note at this time.
  3. Sleep on time and have complete 7-8 hours of sleep on the night before the exam.
  4. Wake up early in the morning on the day of the exam to give a glance at your notes.
  5. Have a nutritious breakfast.
  6. Do not carry any book or notes to the examination centre. Reading at the last moment does not help. It rather creates confusion and adds to stress.
  7. Steer clear of any negative talk or discussion outside the examination hall.
  8. Sit for 5 minutes in silence before leaving for the exam to inhale the positive energies around.
  9. Reach your examination hall well in time
  10. Lastly, be calm and begin with the paper as soon as you get it.

Quick look at CBSE time guidelines for examination centres

CBSE time guidelines.

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Remember, “You can if you think you can”. Good Luck!

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