Why Etoos is One of the Best IIT Preparation Institute in India

Why Etoos is One of the Best IIT Preparation Institute

Best IIT Preparation Institute: The IIT-JEE exam is conducted by the NTA. Candidates anticipating to become top engineers appear for this exam to secure a seat in prestigious engineering colleges. Students who have cleared the 12th class from a renowned board or are appearing for the 12th board are eligible to appear for this exam. The JEE exam is conducted on two levels, i.e, JEE mains and JEE Advanced. The JEE mains exam is conducted twice a year and the marks of the best one are considered, if the marks of the JEE mains are high enough the candidate is eligible to sit in the JEE advanced exam. 

Due to the competition being immensely high, it is quite a strenuous task to clear the JEE exam. But as challenging as it might be it is not that impossible. 

You need to opt for the right sources like the best IIT preparation institute to clear the JEE exam. 

Best IIT preparation institute: ETOOS India

Are you stuck over the dilemma of choosing the best IIT preparation institute but cannot choose the one that is best for you? Well, you might end your hunt for the best IIT preparation institute right here. With technological advancement, ETOOS India has emerged as the best online coaching institute for the preparation of strenuous exams like JEE. ETOOS India has made its own space in the education industry by providing pre-eminent education to the students. 

In this piece of write up we will fill you in on Why Etoos is One of the Best IIT Preparation Institute in India

An assembly of expert teachers

When preparing for exams like JEE the first thing you will require is great mentors, who will guide you throughout your preparation. Here at ETOOS India, we provide the students with the best faculty most of them being passed out from the IITs themselves and hence know everything that is required to ace the exam. With the guidance and support of such teachers, you are sure to excel in the JEE exam. You can watch the demo lectures and choose the teacher that you want to study from. 

The innovative approach to learning

When you look around you will only see other institutes still sticking to the conventional method of learning. An old method of imparting education followed by chalk and talk way. Where the focus is to cover the syllabus of the 11th in one year and of the 12th in the 2nd year. But here at ETOOS India, we educate with ease through an innovative approach to learning. This approach is adopted through our various expertly curated courses wherein you will be taught the entire vast syllabus of 11th and 12th in a single year for the preparation of the JEE exam. The innovative approach is adopted to engage the students in (1) inquiry-based learning, (2) QR codes, (3) problem-based learning, (4) wisely managed classroom technology. This is another reason why ETOOS is the best IIT preparation institute. 


With ETOOS India, get access to the most convenient mode of learning. When attending classroom classes not all students are able to catch up with the speed of the teachers not just this in a batch of 150 students the students often feel shy in raising any doubts which somehow affects their grades. 

Whereas, when you choose ETOOS India, you will be provided with a wide array of courses in both online and offline modes. Students studying online will get access to the videos in both live and in a recorded form, which will give you the feel of personalized learning. 

With the help, of recorded lectures, you are not time bound you can study anytime, anywhere, and watch the videos any number of times according to your preference. 

With the perks of studying from your own space, you will be saving pennies that you will be required to spend on commuting, mess, hostel, relocating, etc if had opted for classroom modes.

Well-structured study material

When preparing for highly coveted exams like the JEE you need to power your preparation. It is a fact that NCERTs play a pivotal role in the preparation for the JEE exam but to put your best foot forward you need to choose the JEE study material that focuses on in-depth analysis of the topics. The study material provided by ETOOS India is brilliantly curated by the experts in a manner to meet the learning requirements of the aspirants. The study material is high quality and concise to make the JEE exam unchallenging for you. Yet another reason why ETOOS India is the best IIT preparation institute. 

Expertly curated courses

We understand that every student is different and thus has a different understanding capacity and this is why to help candidates get close to their overall learning potential we provide a wide variety of courses that the students can choose from. Be it a dropper or an 11th appearing student we have courses that serve the needs of all types of students. 

The courses have been designed by a pool of brilliant teachers to ease the JEE exam preparation. When you opt for the courses presented by ETOOS India you will be provided with a doubt clinic, extensive problem solving, All India test series, special mentorship sessions for online students, etc.  

With the above-given points, I think it’s limpid as to why ETOOS is the best IIT preparation institute. But we understand that you might still be left with some doubts, but no worries as you can contact our customer support for further queries or watch our demo lectures for free if have any doubts regarding the courses.

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