All About Best Online Coaching Institute For JEE And NEET

Best Online Coaching Institute For JEE and NEET

Everything has been digitalized these days and the education sector is no less in catching the train of digitalization. A lot of coaching institutes have now been providing education through online modes to help students study from the comfort of their homes. Best Online coaching institute comes with a good number of perks like no communication cost, studying from your own place, no time to be wasted in communication, it is much cheaper, etc. When preparing for exams like IIT-JEE and NEET it becomes a difficult task to choose the best online coaching institute, when you have so many alternatives available.

List of Best Online Coaching Institute

So let us make it easy for you and see which are the best online coaching institute that you can opt for:

1. MOTION education Kota

Motion is one of the best-renowned coaching institutes in Kota that provides classes for IIT-JEE and NEET exam preparation. This Institute prepares its students for competitive exams like JEE and NEET through online means, not only this it provides live sessions too. But if we look at a wider picture the faculties are limited here and the students do not get the choice of studying from the faculty of their preference. 

2. ETOOS India online coaching institute

Etoos provides one of the best online coaching institute and has its deep roots in the arena of digital education. Imparting education through the top faculties of Kota ETOOS India stands tall when it comes to preparing aspiring candidates for competitive exams like JEE and NEET. The perks of this coaching institute do not end here, the students can watch the demo videos for free and can choose the faculty of their choice. With free mentorship programs, doubt clinics, mock test series and a nominal fee structure ETOOS India provides the best online coaching classes.

3. BYJU’s

BYJU’s is one of the most preferred online coaching institute with its roots in Kota too. Providing the best study material, it imparts education through the most brilliant faculties. But a major part where most students take a step back in opting for this mega online coaching institute is its whopping amount of fee structure which is quite away from the reach of a normal person. It provides online coaching for competitive exams like JEE and NEET but when it comes down to fee structure, this coaching institute is a big no. 

4. AKASH Digital

AKASH Digital has a good name in the ed-tech sector and is one of the top choices of aspiring candidates for NEET and JEE. It provides good study material and has branches all over India. But when it comes down to the teaching faculty that plays a major role in preparing you for JEE and NEET, this online coaching institute is not much preferred. Not just this the competition is very high here and the fee structure is so huge that it cannot be afforded by a common man.

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5. Allen Kota

Who hasn’t heard about this coaching institute? Allen initially emerged as a classroom mode of coaching institute but with the popularization of digital education, it too has joined the race of ed-tech platforms. It focuses on taking the students from basics to advanced levels and has helped a number of students in clearing exams, like JEE and NEET. but what makes this coaching institute a bad choice is its old-school way of imparting education. Allen follows a conventional mode of teaching and such big institutions like Allen only aim at securing more and more droppers. 

So these are some of the top online coaching institutes of Kota. If you are still confused about which one would be the best for you then you should do thorough research and attend demo lectures.

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