Best Online Course For JEE/ NEET droppers 2023

Best Online Course For JEE/NEET Droppers 2023

Are you a JEE/NEET droppers? If yes, then you must have spent a year or two on the preparation of these competitive exams. The preparation of these exams requires immense hard work. Being a JEE dropper or NEET dropper conducted by NTA you must be well aware of the areas where you lagged in the last attempt. This increases your chances of succeeding in the next attempt.

You do not have to worry about attendance, assignments, board exams, etc. anymore. The decision of dropping a year is indeed a tough one. The JEE/ NEET droppers are seen stressed due to peer pressure, family pressure, competition and the pressure to prove oneself this time. To make the best of the drop year it is essential to take every decision wisely. The major decision that you need to make is the best online course that you should opt for that will take you from dropper to topper. 

Course for JEE Dropper and NEET Dropper

ETOOS India your learning partner is here to give flight to your dreams. Introducing our Time Saver Course for the JEE dropper and NEET dropper. A course designed by the experts is all set to help you secure a seat in the top Engineering/medical college. Covering the Entire 11th and 12th syllabus of chemistry, physics, and biology/math, you are sure to excel in this exam. The time saver course aims at meeting all the requirements of the JEE droppers and NEET dropper. 

Let’s gain more insight about the Time Saver Course and what it has to offer:

Benefits Of Joining NEET and JEE Dropper Course

Our time saver course is the best thing you need as a JEE/NEET dropper:

  1. Time saver as the name suggests, it indeed focuses on saving your precious time by aiming at paced completion of the JEE and NEET syllabus in a single year.
  2. Looking forward to studying from the best faculties of Kota? We got it solved too. Opting for this course, you get to study from the best faculty of Kota.
  3. We know practice is the key to ace these exams and this is what we focus on i.e. more and more practice.
  4. Study from the comfort of your home and attend the best online course, The Time Saver course.
  5. Confused or have doubts? The doubt session with great mentors is there to help you with the same.
  6. Prepared by the experts, the study material will make your JEE or NEET preparation conducted by NTA easy for you.
  7. The live interactive classes by the top faculties will make the concepts easy to understand. 
  8. Self analysis through regular conduct of the test. The test series are based on the NTA pattern paper that will help you get an idea of the actual exam.

Best Faculty For JEE/ NEET Droppers

Be it a dropper or a newbie, we aim at providing the best of the education to all our students through the best faculties. Our teachers believe that every student is unique and practice teaching techniques that are sure to pave your way to success. 

Exclusive Study Material

It is a fact that NCERT books are the bible for JEE exam or NEET exam, but to ace the exam you require something more. And that more is included in the study material provided by ETOOS India. The study material is curated by the experts in a way that is easy to understand by the JEE NEET droppers. The study material inculcates deep analysis of the syllabus and best practice questions to boost your preparation. 

Doubts Removal Sessions for JEE Droppers and NEET Droppers

As a JEE dropper or NEET dropper you will come across several doubts during the preparation and clearing every doubt is crucial. The Time saver course facilitates you with a doubt panel where you can raise queries anytime and from anywhere. Your doubts will be solved by our best faculties within 48 hours of the raised query.  

Dropper Course Highlights

As mentioned the course is curated by the best faculties. And hence, when you opt for the time saver course you get:

  • live interactive classes
  • Structured and targeted study material 
  • Online test and detailed analysis
  • Doubt solving and mentorship

FAQ on Time Saver Course For JEE/ NEET Droppers

How many hours should a dropper study for NEET? : A NEET dropper should devote at least 7-8 hours a day on the preparation.

Is it easy for droppers to crack NEET?: It is hard but not impossible. If you follow the right preparation strategies you can crack the NEET exam.

Can droppers qualify JEE?: Yes, if you have the zest and the dedication to qualify the exam then you can surely crack the JEE exam.  Keep following Etoos blog for latest exam updates.

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