Best Timetable for students of class 11th & 12th

best timetable for students of class 11th and 12th

The classes that hold great importance in shaping your career are 11th and 12th class. Students post their cbse 10th board exam are required to choose a stream among Science, Commerce or Humanities to become the next engineer, doctor, fashion designer or politician. It is in these classes students are required to work extremely hard but they are left with the question of how? Well, the answer is formulating realistic timetables! Here is best timetable for students.

Best Timetable for Students of Class 11th and 12th

  • Timetables make you organized.
  • Gives you a fair idea of the next step which a student needs to incorporate.
  • They will help you progress with the preparation in an easy & efficient manner.
  • They give a certain target which needs to be accomplished within the given deadline.

study timetable for class 11 & 12.

A lot of students often get mislead by following the already available timetables on the web. Believe us! Those pre-set timetables are just not meant for you. Stop following them blindly and see below on how to make a study timetable for class 11 & 12 for improved learning

Best Timetable for students of class 11 & 12

Go by Benjamin Franklin’s saying

This famous phrase by Benjamin Franklin ‘Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy & wise is no joke. Science proves that going to bed early and waking up early is the sign of a healthy mind and body. Though waking up early will seem to be nearly an impossible task initially but once your body is used to it, just wait for the magic to happen!

How will it help? Morning people are proactive, disciplined, beat procrastination and are more focused. These basic qualities can help you go a long way not just in exams but in your life too!

Customize your time-table as per your needs

Every individual is unique and so are you. If you are thinking to follow a timetable set by somebody else, the stop right away! Those pre-set timetables on the web will do no good to you. Rather just sit down and think of how many hours you can actually commit to a particular subject to complete the syllabus.

Once you are done with the brain storming pen it down on a sheet of paper. Entitle it as a timetable for study at home for class 11 or 12 and paste it to the wall or desk where you visit maximum.

Let your mind breathe

Students often make a schedule that is irrelevant and impractical. Unnecessary stressing your mind will only harm your brain which is not a healthy practice. Therefore, students are advised to take breaks in between to relax their mind. Play a sport, paint, dance, sing, and do some physical activity to ease your mind. By breaks, we do not mean 2-hour break 3-hour break at every interval! Short intervals of 10-15 minutes would work.

Have a clear vision of the career goal

You need to ask yourself what the end result would be. Is it class 11 final exam or 12th board or JEE/NEET entrance exam. Once done with deciding on the goal, know everything about it.

For example, if you wish to Crack Board Exam, know about its exam pattern, syllabus, cbse previous year question paper class 10 with solutions pdf, application criteria, etc. Now calculate the number of months remaining for preparation. Divide the days in a manner that you are able to complete your course effectively. Leave time for revision.

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Best Timetable for students to study at home 

Equal time to all subjects, time for revision, solving mock tests, 7-8 hours of sound sleep, and intervals in between. Remember your topics covered depend on the speed of learning multiplied by the time required to cover those topics.

Remember timetables will prove to be fruitful only when you follow them whole-heartedly. So, plan a systematic way to study with a dedicated timetable that you sincerely follow.

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Hope the above information is useful. For more such updates, keep following Etoos blog. And for any queries, feel free to drop in a comment below.

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  1. Thanks for giving me this beautiful time table for class 12th. I requested you to please give me a second time table for UPSC exams. I really like this side, keep it up guys…GOD BLESS YOU

  2. Hello, sir, my name is sakina and I am studying in 11 class and I am a science student. I am studying online from 4:00 to 7:40. can you tell me timetable so that I can study well

  3. Dear sir/mam
    I am vaibhavi of class 12 and i took humanities……and i do not go school bcz it is non attending….can u plz suggest me the tips and routine to get score 95% in boards…bcz i want to take admission in du

  4. I am pooja. I am in 12 class. I am having pcm. Please make a study plan for me i want to score 95%+ i got 93 %in 10 cbse. Please help

  5. dear sir my coaching is from 2:30 to 8:15 please suggest me a time table . i belong to non medical stream

  6. I am lancy verma studying in 11 commerce my school runs from 8 4 pm make timetable according it will really

    1. wake up at 5:30 am then meditate and do some physical exercise for half an hour and then take some light food and then sit for studies around 6:15 and study till 7:20 and then get ready and go to school then after returning have a meal and then sit to study from 5 till 8:30 then have a 15 min break and then again go for studies till 9:30 and then study from 10 to 11:30 pm then go to sleep

  7. Thank you sir or mam
    Maybe it help me but I am an night owl so this can’t possible for me to wake up early in the morning so can you time table for that condition and I am a school student in 11 class not a dummy one.
    So please make time table for me too so that can help me in order to improve my study soo. I am good student in my class but I want to practice the dance as well I am not fond of television that much but after school we didn’t get our personal Time.
    So please consider my problem also and make a good time table for me too

  8. Dear Etoos team I m Ayush from Odisha, studying in class 11th . My coaching runs from 2:30PM till 9:00PM can you please help me by providing a perfect timetable for engineering. I want your help PlZZzzzz..

    1. I can suggest you that you start studying from 11:00 pm
      11:00 p.m-12:45-Physics
      12:45 a.m-1:15-break
      1:15 a.m.-3:00 a.m.- Chemistry
      3:00 a.m.-3:30 a.m.-Break
      3:30 a.m.-6:15 a.m.- Maths
      6:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.-Sleep
      This is a nice schedule…you have got enough sleep of 7 hours…
      Best Of Luck

  9. I am practicing online questions for one hours only everyday but my scores have increased a lot by that. I am appearing for cbse class 11 next year and got help from maths grade 11 cbse textbook solutions

  10. Dear etoos team my self Punith studying in class 12 my college starts at 11:30 and ends at 6:30.can u please help me make a time table.

    1. 6am clock wake 1 hour persnal activaty 7am to 10am study , 10to 11;30 persnal activaty . 6;30 to 7 pm rest 7pm to 11;30pm study ,thanks

  11. Will u please give a study plan for me.i don’t go coaching centre. I need to study bio and chemistry. Not physics. I will sleep 5 hours and 1 hour for other activities. Balance for study. So, please give a good plan and motivation to get a medical free seat.will I can reach 500+in Neet 2019,???

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