Board Examination 2023: Simple Yet Effective Tips to Prepare for JEE and Board Exams

Board Examination 2023

With the CBSE Board examination 2023 being just around the corner and the JEE date creeping closer by the day. It is imperative for you to gear up and make the most of every minute of this crucial period. This is the time when you should test your knowledge, brush up on the topics you lack, and do an overall revision of the course. 

Board Examination 2023: Effective Tips to Prepare for JEE and Board Exams

The Effective tips shared here is meant to help all you Board examination 2023 students as well as JEE aspirants to score high in your forthcoming examination:

Know the syllabus well 

Though you need to be thorough with the entire IIT-JEE syllabus, however, as you sit to revise, you must know as to which topics need to be focused on and which ones just require a run-through. The exam pattern of the JEE exam is contrasting and the candidate needs to secure a particular percent in the board examination 2023 to be eligible for the JEE exam. There are some common topics in the JEE and boards syllabus and hence it is suggested to get a good cover of these topics while preparing for the boards as this will save a lot of time during the JEE exam and will also give you ample time to focus on other topics. 

Familiarising with the syllabus will give you an idea of all the topics that are crucial or the topics that need more time and hence you can allot time accordingly. 

Here is a look at the comparatively important part of all three subjects:

Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Gravitation Electrochemistry Definite Integral in Calculus
Kinematics Coordination Chemistry & Chemical Bonding (Inorganic Chemistry) Complex Numbers
Optics & Modern Physics Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium Parabola
Capacitors & Electrostatics Mole Concept (Physical Chemistry & Organic Chemistry) Application of Derivatives
Fluids, Waves & Sound Quadratic Equations & Expressions
Magnetics Continuity and Differentiability
Heat & Thermodynamics Hyperbola in Coordinate Geometry
Electromagnetic Induction Functions
Matrices in Algebra

Strong basics for the strong foundation

Your basics must be strong and concepts clear. When appearing for any exam the first step you need to focus on is building a strong foundation of the basics. Weak basics will make it challenging for you to move to the advanced levels. On the other hand, good basics will make the higher-level questions just as easy for you. 

Revision for strong preparation

If you are of the view that studying each topic once will have you covered for the preparation for JEE and boards examination 2023. Then you are wrong here. A mantra to beat highly coveted exams like JEE is regular revision. More revision means more excellence in that subject. When you revise you go through every topic a number of times which lets you know your weak and strong areas. 

Practice for better preparation

Practice leads to perfection and so is the case when you are preparing for the board examination 2023 and JEE exam. Practicing helps you boost your speed and accuracy. Taking mock tests regularly will help you prepare for both exams. Treat these tests just like an actual exam and analyze yourselves.     

Taking mocks and practicing previous years’ question papers will give you an idea of your weaker areas and hence you can work on them. 

Do not skip NCERTs

NCERT textbooks play a key role in the preparation of both JEE exam and board examination 2023. These books provide just the right study material to bridge a gap between the basics and tricky concepts. 

You need to get a good grasp of the NCERT textbooks if you want to excel in the board examination 2023. 

Preparing for the board examination 2023 and JEE exam might be arduous but not impossible. Following the above-mentioned tips, clearing both the exams will become easy for you. 

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