JEE exam: Can you crack JEE 2022 in just 45 days preparation?

jee exam

IITs or Indian institute of technology are government-owned institutes for making better scientist, engineer of the future. For that you have to crack jee exam.

Although it is one of the toughest exams conducted in India yet lakhs of students appear every year for the same. 

To get their dream college one has to score high to beat the competition. As the JEE 2022 exam is approaching you need to make sure that everything goes in the right direction.

Here are a few tips to aid your preparation.

How to prepare for JEE Exam 2022?

Here are some of the tips given below to prepare for JEE Exam 2022:

1. Positive competition 

The fact that lakhs of students appear every year increases your competition. But competition can be both positive and negative. Tap into your potential by challenging yourself and pushing others around you. Positive competition helps you divert your mind from winning or losing you concentrate more on performing your best instead. If your friends are having any trouble with a topic then you can help them out this way you will have a positive outlook of the peer pressure.

2. Proper guidance

Take guidance from teachers or from your seniors who have qualified the exam about what are the important things to remember and what silly mistakes should be avoided.

3. Study plan

JEE 2022 exam is just around the corner, you need to be vigilant about how much time you spend on each subject. Devote your time to studying as the approaching months are very crucial.

 You need to give at least 6-8 hours to your preparation.

Most students procrastinate on self-study. A proper study plan will help you stay focused and you will have a track of the time.

4. Last 2 months are crucial

As the exam approaches the remaining time becomes more and more crucial. To make your preparation strong, focus on your weak points.

Divide the last two months into two phases:

Phase 1: revision period

Start revising for the next 20-25 days. 

Focus on your weak points

Opt for the best crash courses 

Revision of all the 3 subjects in 30 days time period

Phase 2: self-analysis period

Solve as many mock tests and test series as possible frequently

This will make the JEE main 2022 easy for you

5. Adopt productive study habits

Study with no distractions. 

You can follow these tips for JEE mains 2022 preparation

  • Mark the topics that you take time to understand; this will help you cover these topics quickly during revision
  • Do not avoid any subject pay equal attention to all three.
  • Study more complex topics in your best productive time
  • Short breaks are necessary during long study hours

6. Practice question papers and mock test

Practicing JEE mock tests and test series based on the latest JEE mains 2022 paper will not only provide you an idea of the paper but will also be helpful to you in knowing your caliber.

Following these tips on how to prepare for JEE mains can help you get the college of your dreams. Study hard make and make it easy.

Make the best out of JEE mains 2022 to get a ticket to JEE advance 2022

Go ahead and do your best!

Some of the Faqs related to IIT-JEE mains 2022 are:

Have JEE mains 2022 registration started?

Candidates appearing for JEE mains 2022 can apply for the form phase 1 till April 25 online on NTA JEE main 2022.

Will JEE main 2022 be easy?

Almost 12 lakh students appear every year for the JEE main 2022 and hence is one of the toughest exams.

When JEE main 2022 will happen?

  • Starting of the registration process 1st march 22 to 8th April 22
  • End of registration process 5th April 22 to 3rd May 2022

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