What are the Career options after the 10th that you can opt for?

Career options after the 10th

The announcement of the 10th board results brings along a major confusion that the students are faced with,i.e,  whether they should opt for science, commerce, or Arts. Some students are very clear with their career choices and do not need time to take the decision while on the other hand, some students are too perplexed to take this decision by themselves and thus end up following their parent’s decision or following the path that their friends move on. This is a decision that will impact your career and hence should not be taken with spontaneity but should be given proper thought. Hence to make the right decision you should surf the career options after the 10th with full attentiveness. 

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So, here are the career options after the 10th that you should take into consideration before making any decision. 

Career options after the 10th Class

1. Science

One of the most desirable and favorites among the students and parents crowd is Science as it offers multiple career options like engineering, medical and research roles. Opting for this stream will have a major advantageous side as you can switch from science to commerce or arts after the 12th as per your choice, also there are multiple career options that this stream offers after the 12th.

The main subjects of this stream include Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology

But Math is an option that a lot of students do not like to opt for, such students can opt for either medical line or choose some other subject instead.

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Career options after the 10th offered by the Science stream: 

  1. B.Tech/BE
  2. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery ( MBBS)
  3. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  4. Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology
  5. BSc Home Science /Forensic Science

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2. Commerce

The next most popular option that the students prefer after Science is Commerce. If you are a business-minded person and the numbers, finances, and economics fascinate you then this is just the field that you should go for. 

This field has the following career options: Chartered Accountant, MBA, and investment in banking sectors. 

Career options after the 10th offered by the commerce stream: 

  1. Chartered Accountant
  2. Business Management
  3. Advertising and Sales Management
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Human resource development

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3. Arts/Humanities

If you are fascinated by subjects like History, Political Science, and Geography then arts is the subjects that you should begin your career with. This stream will help you embrace your creativity and your interest in academic research.

The Career options after the 10th offered by this stream are as many as offered in science and Commerce. 

Career options after the 10th offered by Arts stream: 

  1. Product Designing
  2. Media / Journalism
  3. Fashion Technology
  4. Video Creation and Editing
  5. HR training, school teaching, etc

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4. ITI (Industrial Training Institute)

These are the institutes that provide employment right after the completion of school. These institutes offer great opportunities to students who wish to complete a technical course in a short time and want to get employment after some time of completing 12th. 

Courses done from the ITIs train the students with industrial skills that help the students earn a living by working in the same field. 

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Career options after the 10th offered by ITIs:

  1. Job opportunities in public sectors such as PWDs & others.
  2. Jobs in the private sectors
  3. Self Employed
  4. Jobs in Foreign countries
  5. Further studies in their specialization

5.  Polytechnic courses

Students wanting to get employed after 10th can opt for polytechnic courses like  Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Computer, and Automobile. The diploma courses are of 3 years,2 years, and 1 year that the polytechnic colleges offer. These courses are of huge advantage as they provide jobs within a short duration of time and are of immense benefit after 10th. 

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Career options after the 10th offered by Polytechnic courses are: 

  1. Private Sector jobs
  2. Government Sector jobs
  3. Higher studies
  4. Self Employed 
  5. Own Business

Choosing a career option is a major decision to make. So, take your time and choose the right career path. 

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What fields will be open if a student selects commerce after the 10th class?

Some of the career options that you can opt for after 10th commerce are: 

  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Company Secretary (CS)
  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
  • Actuary/Surveyor.
  • LLB (5 years

What is the best career option after 10th standard- Science, Commerce, or Arts?

Every option after the 10th standard is best but what you need to keep in mind while taking the decision is your interest in the field. Do not follow the crowd and be smart with your career option. 

What are the job options for science after the 10th?

Given are some of the career options after 10th in science:

  • Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance.
  • Electrician.
  • Electronic Mechanic.
  • Mechanic.
  • Medical Electronics.

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