Career Options for IITians

 IIT is one of the most sought after engineering institute in India. It absorbs the cream of the country and nurtures them into resourceful professionals ready to embark on a successful career. There are numerous career options for IITians. Top notch companies are glad to welcome them to their team. In case, you aren’t aware as to which professional fields are open for IITians post clearing their course from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology then read on to widen your knowledge:

Career Options for IITians.

Information Technology
Computer and software engineers get campus placements by well-known software companies. Programming, developing new operating systems and providing technical support are some of the career options they can go for under this field based on their area of interest.


Finance companies are all gaga for the IITians and are always on the lookout for them. Each year numerous IITians get campus placements in reputed finance companies. Their quantitative and analytical skills help them grab these jobs easily.

A management consultant job involves strategic planning, analysing management issues and training managers among other tasks. The skilful IITians are welcomed to the field of management consultancy owing to their analytical bent of mind, ability to crunch numbers and ensure the quality of work amid all odds. Those who go for IIM post-IIT stand a higher chance of grabbing excellent management jobs.

Data Analysis.Data Analysis
Data analyst as the name suggests needs to analyse, segregate, manage and maintain the available data, ensure that it is stored systematically in the database and handle several other tasks that require a good knowledge about the technicalities. The field requires excellent knowledge about mathematics and technology and who can possess a better knowledge about the same than an IITian. This has thus become a favourite career option for the IIT graduates.

Educational institutes, especially those offering to coach for JEE preparation, absorb IIT graduates to impart quality education to the aspiring IITians. Well-versed in Physics, Chemistry and Maths they are also offered jobs to teach these subjects to the CBSE students.

Apart from this, a host of other industries including the service industry, FMCG and telecom industry are also open for them. With the knowledge, skill and determination they possess, many IITians also go on to become successful entrepreneurs.

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