CBSE 10th Preparation Tips: Strategy Tips to Crack the Exam with Ease

CBSE 10th Preparation Tips

Before beginning the blog let’s first discuss why class CBSE 10th boards are important?

CBSE 10th board results are crucial as these play an important role in deciding which stream to choose next in 11th grade. These grades also play an important role in indicating the student’s academic performance. Not only this there are several universities that rely on CBSE 10th grades for the admission process of the students. Hence it is important to score well in the CBSE exam class 10

As mentioned these exams play a key role in deciding your future and hence need to be given with all dedication and focus. 

To pass with flying colors in the CBSE 10th boards exam it is important to keep a few things in mind. 

Tips to crack CBSE 10th Exam

Following are some of the tips that will help you crack the CBSE 10th exam with ease: 

  • Do not skip class lessons

Class lessons are important to have good knowledge of the CBSE syllabus. Never skip your classes, because classroom studies help you concentrate on your studies and help you with the timely completion of your syllabus. When you reach home, after taking a break, revise whatever was taught in the class. This will help you know where you are lagging behind and can discuss the confusion with your teacher the next day. 

  • The right study spot

The right place is the utmost requirement of any examination. When studying, choose a spot where you don’t feel dizzy and can study with full concentration. Avoid any sort of distractions like TVs, mobile phones, etc. Just make sure wherever you are studying the place has proper lighting and ventilation.

  • Practice sample paper

Be it class 10th or any other exam it is always fruitful to practice sample papers and previous year’s question papers. These help you get an idea of the actual exam pattern and also give you an idea of where you stand in your CBSE board exam preparation. 

  • Prepare notes

Preparing notes has always been the best tip to crack CBSE exam. While studying, pen down everything that you find important and precise. Highlight the important terms, formulas, definitions, etc so it’s easy at the time of revision. Prepare separate notes for each subject.

  • Nothing for the end

While studying, students often leave the chapters or topics that they find difficult for laters. This can cause extra pressure during the time of the exam. Make sure that you cover your entire syllabus 2 months before the exams so that you have enough time for revision. Leaving topics for laters can cost you in the exam, so don’t follow this.


How long should I study for the 10th board?

It is suggested to study for 7-10 hours for CBSE 10th class boards.

How can I top in 10th class?

The following tips will help you top the CBSE exam class 10:

1. Prepare a timetable

2. Get familiar with the syllabus

3. Practice CBSE PYQs

4. Talk about your doubts with your teachers

5. Study for 7-10 hours

6. Focus more on your weak areas

7. Stay healthy and take enough sleep

Are Class 10 boards hard?

No, CBSE 10th boards are not difficult if you are focused on your preparation. Starting your CBSE exam preparation early will make 10th boards easy for you.

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