How strict is the CBSE Board class 12th evaluation?

How strict is the CBSE Board Class 12th Evaluation

Class 12th CBSE board marks are the deciding factor in the admission of college. of high importance because these marks decide the college you will get admission to. Not only the admission part but if you score well in your CBSE Class 12th board exam your chances of getting a scholarship increase. As important as class 12th board exams are, their evaluation process is unique. 

Examinees are always jumbled with the question of how their copies are checked. The most common question students ask is “Is CBSE class 12th evaluation criteria difficult”. To score high it is essential to know the evaluation process. So that you do your preparation accordingly.

The process of evaluation

How many ways do you know about the evaluation? Well, there are not one but two processes through which students’ copies can be evaluated.

The following process is mentioned below:

1. CBSE Board Digital evaluation

In this age, everything is now processed with the help of technology, and the education sector is not behind. Yes, to your wonder even your 12th CBSE exam answer sheets are checked or evaluated digitally. 

The process of digital evaluation involves uploading scanned answer sheets of the students to the server and is then sent to the checker who after this checks the copies.

Following are the features of digital evaluation:

  • Secured: This process is highly secure, user-friendly, and comes with the privilege of multiple evaluations. The evaluation is done by those who have been authorized to do so. The answer sheets can be easily accessed in the future for revaluation purposes.
  • Accuracy and efficiency: There can be faults in manual checking but checking done digitally is accurate and efficient. There are minimum chances of errors. This process comes with the facility of filtering the evaluator and examinee both by effectively giving the results which give more organized data in an arranged format.
  • Rapidity: This process is quick and efficient because it does not require the evaluator to calculate the marks of the pile of answer sheets of hundreds of students. It does not involve preserving answer sheets because the sheets are already checked digitally.

2. Manual evaluation

This is a regular method of evaluation that you might be familiar with. In this process teachers from different schools are selected for the task of copy checking. The teachers are sent to a copy checking center where 40+ copies are checked in 6-7 hours.

Tricks to beat a CBSE Board strict evaluation process:

If you want to hold a rank then you must think like a checker. Think of how you would expect a CBSE board exam answer sheet to be if you were the teacher.

  • The first thing that a checker is impressed with the most is the appearance of the answer sheet. Your answers should be neatly written. Mark the heads and subheads of the answers with a black pen and write the remaining answer with a blue pen. Marking margins will add to the appearance of your answer sheet.
  • Always write your answers in pointers. Answers written in bullets are not only appealing but are also easy to understand. 
  • Try writing answers in such a way that is not difficult for the checker to understand. 
  • If you don’t know the answer to any particular question then don’t leave it blank, write something relevant or even the slightest info you have of the same in a bit detail.

Hence the evaluation process is neither difficult nor easy. It is quite easy to score well in your CBSE class 12th board exam,if you have prepared well.


Will there be boards in 2023 for Class 12?

Yes, CBSE will be conducting the 12th board exam in 2023 too. 

Is CBSE reducing the syllabus?

CBSE decided to reduce the 12th board syllabus by 30% when the country was hit by the covid-19 pandemic.

How do I start preparing for class 12?

This is how you can start preparing for class 12th

  1. Prepare a timetable
  2. Get familiar with the syllabus 
  3. Do not kip NCERTs
  4. Do not over pressure yourself
  5. Ask doubts
  6. Relax and meditate

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