CBSE board exam preparation: 4 Key basics you are not told about before

CBSE Board Exam Preparation

The CBSE board exam has a tremendous impact on your career and not just the career that these exams make an impact on but also on how you take the coming future challenges. As these are the first major academic challenges that students face at their high school level. Due to the high importance of these exams, the CBSE board exam preparation should be done with complete dedication. 

You might have heard or read somewhere that some of the basic prerequisites of the CBSE board exam preparation are the formation of a proper timetable, having a good knowledge of the CBSE syllabus, lots of practice, etc. But apart from these, there are some other factors that you should not miss out on. And as the board exams are forthcoming it is important to focus on the areas that you are not generally told about. 

The key basics of the CBSE board exam preparation

There are several other important things as well that are generally not discussed because these factors are not considered so important. But we shall not make a mistake here and pay heed to other factors equally.

Some of the key facts have been discussed below to make your CBSE board exam preparation a success: 

Handwriting for more marks

Now, this might come as a surprise to you and some may even neglect the fact that handwriting may be important in the CBSE boards exam. A teacher has to check around 40+ copies and in order to stand out and draw attention to your copy, maintaining good handwriting is necessary,

Now we are not asking you to write exceptionally beautifully but to write in a manner that your answers are legible and clear. Along with distinct handwriting make sure that you are underlining all the heads and subheads.

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Make use of diagrams

The diagrams given in your books are not just for the sake of adding pictures and graphics to your books. The diagram is there for you to study better. You can instantly make your answer sheet presentable by adding illustrations to it. Looking at the diagrams the evaluator will be forced to give some extra marks. 

Lesser distractions more marks

You might find social media entertaining but the more you use it the more you are moving towards decreasing your productivity. During the time of exam, your focus should be on yielding more and more productivity and must cut out all the social media platforms. Unhealthy use of gadgets will not only burn your precious time but will also strain your eyes and make your brain tired. Your brain needs to be in full energy mode when you are appearing for exams.

A healthy body and healthy mind

Bad health and a stressed mind are two major factors that can hinder your CBSE board preparation. So, keep your body healthy and mind relaxed and work hard for your exam. 

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When will CBSE conduct class 12 board exams in 2023?

The CBSE board exam will be conducted from Feb 15.

Is CBSE Date Sheet released in 2023?

The CBSE will release the date sheet of the CBSE 12th board exam in November 2022.

Where to download the CBSE 10th/12th Time Table?

You can download the CBSE board syllabus from the official website of CBSE.


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