CBSE Class 10th Board New Assessment Pattern

cbse class 10 board examThe Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) has issued a new assessment scheme for CBSE Class 10 board Exam for the coming session 2017-2018. Under this new scheme, CBSE shall conduct the exam for 80 marks and the remaining 20 marks shall be for the internal assessment. The board has given comprehensive instructions on the way the internal assessment needs to be divided among various activities. Here is a look at how the internal assessment has been bifurcated:

  • Periodic Test: 10 marks
  • Notebook Submission: 5 marks
  • Subject Enrichment Activity: 5 marks

CBSE Class 10th Board New Assessment Pattern

The periodic written test shall be restricted to three tests for each subject. The average of the best two shall be taken in to consideration. The schools have the leverage to prepare their own schedule. However, ideally the three tests should be conducted during the pre-mid, mid and post-mid term. The syllabus would be partly covered in these tests. This will prepare the students thoroughly for the board exam when they will be tested for 100% syllabus.

Notebook submission has been made a part of the internal assessment with the intent of promoting the importance of preparation of notes for the topics being taught in the class. It will make the students more regular and encourage them to follow a systematic approach when it comes to preparing notes and assignments.

Subject enrichment activities would be conducted for thorough understanding of the subject. For the languages, enrichment activities would focus on speaking and listening skills, for mathematics it will involve lab work and projects given in NCERT, for science it will involve practical lab work and for social studies it will involve map and project work as per the CBSE curriculum.

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The students will be required to score a minimum of 33% out of the total 20 marks in the internal assessment and 33% in the external assessment separately in order to clear the exam. The board also wants the schools to promote co-curricular activities for the students for their all round development. These activities are to be graded on a 5-point grading scale.

The subject-wise syllabus for class 10th as well as the weightage of different topics can be checked at NCERT books are the best for preparation of CBSE class 10 board exam. However, in addition to it, you can refer to guide books to practice maths and science numerical. Also don’t forget to solve as many sample papers and previous years’ CBSE class 10 board exam papers as you can for thorough preparation of the subject.

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