CBSE weightage formula 2023: What can be changed in the assessment scheme?

CBSE Weightage Formula 2023

The Delhi High court rebuked the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for not notifying the students of class 12th boards in regard to the CBSE weightage formula 2023 of term 1 and term 2 for the declaration of the final result.

According to the High Court, the CBSE on July 5, 2022, announced that the marks will be provided in accordance with equal weightage of 50-50 percent to term 1 and term 2  theory exams of class 12 in the board exams 2022. But later, on the 21st of July, the CBSE, a day prior to the declaration of the results said that the results will be announced on the basis of a new CBSE weightage formula 2023 scheme which incorporates a change of formula to 30-70%.

Students appeal to the HC concerning the CBSE weightage formula 2023

An appeal was brought to the court by a student who wished the results to be declared according to the mandate of July 2021 curricular, which implied equal weightage of the theory papers for terms I and II.

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As per the sources, the High Court has administered the board to announce the result of the petitioner according to the curricular of 2021, which dispenses a special scheme of assessment, mandating equal weightage to both the term papers, while evaluating the results.

Furthermore, the High Court added that there was no such report about any recommendation being made by the chairperson on the modification of the CBSE weightage formula 2023. The board in authority of the CBSE weightage formula 2023 settled to announce the final result of classes 12th and 10th on the basis of 30% weightage of term 1 and 70% weightage of term 2.

As stated by Justice Chandra Dhari Singh, the CBSE declared the results of lakhs of students just a day after announcing the CBSE weightage formula 2023. The High Court further added that the modification was kept confidential from the public and the students at large.

The Judge said that the prompt decision shows the arbitrariness and lapse on part of the board for keeping the students in the dark regarding the CBSE weightage formula 2023. 

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The board has been directed to evaluate and declare the results of the petitioner following the 50:50 formula. The revised result will be uploaded shortly, most preferably within 2 working days after the judgment has been passed, on the Digilocker to provide access to the petitioner, the High Court added. 

The court further mentioned that no interference will be made with the revised  CBSE weightage formula 2023 because around 14 lakh students appeared for the CBSE class 12 board exams, whose results have been evaluated according to the revised weightage formula.

Response of the public

Meanwhile, other students have shown disappointment as these students too wanted their final results to be evaluated according to the 50:50 evaluation scheme. As the Delhi High Court did not direct the board to do the same for all the students but only one petitioner. A PIL has been filed by OAM in support of the students who want their results to be evaluated according to the 50:50 weightage.

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