NEET Chemistry Study Material with Chapter Wise Weightage

Chemistry Study Material.

Chemistry is that branch of science that includes the study of atoms and molecules. Almost all the branches of science are connected to Chemistry in some way or the other. This branch combines with biology to form biochemistry and with physics to form physical chemistry. Chemistry Study Material which is one among the three sections in the NEET exam is considered to be one of the most scoring subjects in the paper. It can assure guaranteed marks in NEET if you prepare for it the right way.

NEET Chemistry Important Topic with Chapter Wise Weightage

There is no denying the fact that it requires ample hard work and dedication to crack the tough NEET and seek admission to one of the best medical colleges in the country. However, while hard work is the key to success, a bit of smart work is also required to get through this competitive exam. Among other things, one smart move is to understand the weightage of different topics in your syllabus and prepare accordingly. Here is the Chapter Wise Weightage & chemistry important topic for all three subjects of Chemistry.

Physical Chemistry Chapter Wise Weightage

Check The topic-wise weightage of Physical Chemistry for NEET, provide by the Expert.

Sr.N Physical Chemistry Important Topic topic-wise weightage
1 Mole Concept and Stoichiometry 5.1%
2 Atomic Structure 10.2%
3 Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry 13.1%
4 Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry 7.3%
5 States of Matter and Solutions 24.1%
6 Surface Chemistry 7.3%
7 Equilibrium 18.2%
8 Nuclear Chemistry and Chemical Kinetics 14.6%

Inorganic Chemistry Chapter Wise Weightage

Check The topic-wise weightage of Inorganic Chemistry for Neet, provide by an Expert.

Sr.N Inorganic Chemistry Important Topic topic-wise weightage
1 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 10.5%
2 D and F – Block Elements 12.4%
3 Co-Ordination Compounds 18.1%
4 Hydrogen and S Block Elements 7.9%
5 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 29.8%
6 P – Block Elements 13.3%
7 Practical Chemistry 8.2%

Organic Chemistry Chapter Wise Weightage

Check The topic-wise weightage of Organic Chemistry for Neet, provide by the Expert.

Sr.N Organic Chemistry Important Topic topic-wise weightage
1 Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen 30%
2 Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry 24.4%
3 Chemistry of Environment and Everyday life 11.3%
4 Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen 10.6%
5 Biomolecules and Polymers 11.9%
6 Hydrocarbons and their substituents 11.9%

How Etoosindia NEET Chemistry Study Material Helpful for your NEET Exam?

Etoosindia has a team of learned and experienced faculty members. Most of these are Doters and thus do not only possess good knowledge about the subject but also have a fair idea about the kind of questions asked in the exam and the way one should prepare to be thorough with each topic.

The study material available on Etoosindia is prepared by these learned faculty members and is thus a good choice for the Preparation of NEET Exam. Here are the salient features of the Chemistry study material available here to help you make a better decision:

NEET Chemistry material pdf on offer at Etoosindia is all-inclusive. Each and every topic and concept that forms a part of the Neet and Aiims Syllabus is included in this study material and hence you don’t need to look elsewhere for your preparation. Check here Etoosindia Neet Chemistry Study material.

  1. Complete Physical & Inorganic Chemistry by JH Sir
  2. Complete Organic Chemistry for NEET in English by NJ Sir
  3. Perfect Theory with Intensive Discussion of Inorganic Chemistry for NEET by PMS sir
  4. Complete Physical & Inorganic Chemistry for NEET by Prince sir
  5. Complete Organic Chemistry for NEET by DT Sir
  • Etoosindia has formed a special doubt clinic wherein you can clarify all your doubts related to any topic in the study material. You just require keying in your query and our expert faculty members shall be glad to guide you through almost instantly.
  • Get free Download the neet chemistry chapter wise previous year questions free download pdf and Answer key Available here. Student can Download the paper and Practice them for better Exam preparation.

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In addition to opting for the Chemistry study material, it is also a good idea to go for neet mock test available on Etoosindia. These mock tests have been designed exactly on the lines of the Neet exam pattern and are thus a great way to get a deep insight about the examination pattern.

Solving these regularly will help you assess your knowledge. Attempting mock tests is a good way to understand your weak areas and improve on the same. Mock tests also help in developing speed and accuracy which is of utmost importance while attempting the NEET Exam.

Though the Chemistry study material at Etoosindia is all-inclusive and when topped with its Mock Tests you can be sure of thorough preparation for the Neet exam, however it is always a good idea to refer to your NCERT Class XI and XII books in addition to it and ensure that you learn them by heart as most of the questions put across in this exam are from the NCERT books for JEE.

So make your choice and begin with the preparation at the earliest! Good Luck!

Hope the above information helps you in cracking NEET Exam. All the best!

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