Common Misconceptions about Learning through Technology


E-leaning has gradually gained popularity owing to the number of benefits it offers however there is still a certain segment that believes that it is not a good method of leaning. There have been a number of misconceptions that have been built around this all new method of learning that puts it in a negative light. Let us learn about these:
1. It is Expensive
A number of people feel that this method of learning is rather expensive since it involves the use of technology. What they don’t realise is that almost everyone uses a smart phone/ laptop these days. Also it is just a one-time investment and saves a lot of time and energy compared to which the little cost involved is nothing.

2. It is Distracting
It is commonly believed that using smart phones and laptops can be distracting as they do not just have the study material but come with a host of other things such as games, social networking sites and other sources of entertainment. Though it is true that students may be tempted towards these sources of entertainment rather than studying however keeping a check or blocking these can easily help curb the distractions.

3. It is a Time-Consuming Process
Another misconception about the use of technology for learning is that it is time- consuming as compared to the traditional means of leaning. However, with such tech-savvy kids these days this is just a myth. The technology is really fast and the kids know how to use it swiftly too.

4. It is Difficult to Use
It may not be easy to operate initially however as you begin using you will see that it isn’t that difficult to handle. These interfaces are quite user friendly and you can learn their use quickly and easily.

5. It is Only Useful for Higher Classes
It is a common misconception that this mode of learning is more appropriate for those studying in the higher classes. On the contrary, it is suggested to make use of this method of learning from the primary classes itself so that the kids get familiarized with this way of learning and are able to make the most of it.

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