Common Mistakes to Avoid During NEET 2018 Preparation

NEET 2018 PreparationA lot has been written on how to strategies NEET 2018 preparation to fetch good marks. However, not much has been shared about the mistakes students make during the preparation process that keeps them from cracking the exam. Here are few common mistakes to avoid during NEET 2018 preparation:

  1. Counting the Number of Study Hours

Many students focus on the number of hours they are studying during a day instead of focusing on the amount of syllabus they are covering each day. They feel that studying for 8-10 hours a day means investing good time to their studies. Instead they must focus on the chapters they have learnt during that time. Rather than preparing a time table that focuses on the number of study hours they must focus on how many topics to cover in a particular day.

  1. Juggling with Different Guidebooks

There are a number of NEET 2018 guidebooks available for all three subjects in the market. Students often get perplexed on which ones to opt for. Most of the students end up purchasing several of these and then get all the more confused about which topic to study from which book. It is suggested to do a thorough research and pick only selected books that are rated good by experts. Also, keep preparing your hand written notes and refer to them as the exam nears.

  1. Not Referring to NCERT Books

Many students make the mistake of going through different NEET guidebooks and ignore the NCERT books that must form an essential part of the preparation process. You must be thorough with your NCERT books if you aim to fetch good marks in NEET 2018. NCERT books include all the important information and that too in easy language. These are a good way to strengthen your basics and prepare better.

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  1. Not Revising Enough

Many students make the mistake of beginning with the revision after the completion of the entire syllabus and believe that revision is a one-time process. This is a wrong approach. The revision of the chapters you have learned must begin simultaneously as you learn the new chapters. The revision must be done over and over again to be thorough with the syllabus.

  1. Not Assessing Knowledge

Many students keep mugging up the lessons and do not take out time to test their knowledge. It is essential to assess your knowledge from time to time to find out how much you have learned and the areas you are weak in. The best way to do so is by giving mock tests and solving sample papers.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2018 is just about two weeks away. The stress level of all those of you preparing for the exam must be soaring high. However, the key is to keep calm and do your best during these last few days. Donning a positive attitude shall help you perform better in the exam.

Always remember that this is not the end of the world. Just give your best and don’t fret about the outcome!

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