Common Preparation Mistakes of NTSE

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national level scholarship program conducted to select students with high academic talent and excellent intellectual level. Around 500,000 students sit for this talent search exam each year and only 10,000 scholarships are awarded. You need to be very good in your academics in order to get though this tough exam. Here are a few common mistakes most students make while preparing for NTSE. Avoid these to crack this exam:

Not Practicing Enough
Many students just cover the syllabus once and believe that they shall be able to crack this exam. It is to be understood that just studying chapters in your class and learning them once is not enough. It is essential to revise them over and over again. Also make sure you solve the numerical as many times as you can in order to be thorough with them.

Neglecting the NCERT Books
One of the biggest mistakes students make is that they study various topics from different guidebooks and neglect the basics shared in the NCERT books. It is essential to be thorough with each and every little detail mentioned in your NCERT book in order to be well-prepared for this examination.

Not Giving Mock Tests
Only a few students put their knowledge to test by solving sample papers and giving mock tests though it is extremely important to do so. Taking such tests helps you assess your knowledge and understand the topics you need to work on so as to prepare better for the exam.

Juggling Between Books
The course is vast and you do not want to miss out on anything however in an attempt to learn everything students often end up confusing themselves. It is advised to study from one source at a time and keep jotting down points as you read. This way you will build a ready reckoner that has all the information from various sources. Refer to it each time you sit to revise your chapters.

Studying Until the Last Minute
Many students keep cramming information even as they stand outside the examination hall. This only adds up to the confusion and nervousness. Do not make the mistake of studying until the last minute. It is a good idea to sleep on time a day before the exam. Wake up early to give a glance at the entire course once and close your books and notes thereafter. Practice deep breathing and meditation for some time on the day of the exam. Eat healthy and go for the exam with a calm mind.

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