Does CBSE Board Exam Preparation Effects JEE Main Rank?

This is probably one of the first questions that arises in the mind of anyone who plans to give the IIT JEE and every IIT aspirant wants it answered. Well, logically if you have to devote your time on two separate things rather than concentrating on one then you wouldn’t be giving your 100% to either. It is as simple as that! So there is no denying the fact that those who study dedicatedly for JEE and concentrate only on the three subjects that this tough exam tests you on stand a higher chance of attaining a good rank. However, on digging deeper, it has been seen how proper time management and determination can help you crack both these with flying colours even if you prepare for them simultaneously.

All you require doing is to maintain a balance between the two. While the CBSE board exams are held in the month of March, JEE Main is mostly scheduled in the first half of April. The close proximity of these exams makes it all the more necessary for you to manage your time efficiently so as to score high in both these. Here are a few things that should help you achieve your goal:

Prepare a Plan
It is suggested to prepare a workable plan that enables you to devote enough time to prepare well for both the exams. Identify that part of the day that you can concentrate best and utilise it for studying. Fix different time slots for each and follow the set schedule diligently. Review your plan at the end of each day to check whether you have been able to attain the set goals or need to work harder.

Take Time to Rejuvenate
Even as you require studying for both the exams simultaneously, it is suggested not to over indulge in studies. Make sure you take short breaks in between to rest and refresh your mind as well as your body. Also never compromise on your sleep. Take 6-8 hours of sleep each day. This will keep you energized through the day and help you concentrate better.

Stay Determined
There may be days when you might not be able to work as per your plan. But don’t get disheartened, stay determined and focused and you will certainly be able to achieve the set target. The key is to keep going and not to give up at any point.

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