E-Learning – A Vital Element for Education Today


E-learning is contributing immensely in the growth and development of children these days. It has gradually become a vital part of the education system today. Most of the schools and universities these days are inculcating edu-comp smart classes to make the learning experience all the more effective for the students.
The process of learning happens through different senses. As per the researchers, 75% of the learning is done through the sight that is known as visual learning, 13% is done through hearing and 12% is done through other factors. Smart classes are thus a great way to invoke the visual learning of the students. It is a far more effective way of teaching the students than merely reading out of the text book and explaining.
Besides, internet has increased the knowledge of the kids in general. Everything these days is available on the internet and is easily accessible. From politics to sports, from entertainment to business – you get information about everything at just the click of a button. No wonder, the general knowledge of kids these days is quite good. Talk to them on any topic and you are sure to get quick and smart replies.
By way of e-learning, education has also reached every nook and corner of the country. Seeking education has thus become easier for those sitting in the remote areas.

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